CMSC 250 -- Discrete Structures

Spring 2009

Fear the Turtle!


05/06/09   The final exam for all sections of CMSC 250 will be on Saturday, 5/16 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in room ARM 0126.

05/02/09   To help you study for Monday's exam, I have posted the solutions to Homework #10 at this link. (You'll need to use the same login ID and password that you would use to access the lecture slides, etc.)

05/01/09   Please don't forget that your third midterm exam will be on Monday of next week (5/4) in the lecture session. This exam is NOT cumulative, so the focus will be on material from strong induction up through all of the counting and probability material. Please be on time and bring good pencils/erasers!

04/13/09   Now that we're working on set theory material, you'll find that your "Equivalencies and Rules" sheet will be very useful to you these days in class (especially during quizzes). In case you lost your copy of it, you can access it here. (To access it you will need to use the same login ID and password that you use to access the lecture slides and other course materials.)

04/01/09   To help you study for Friday's exam, we are posting solutions to the past couple of homeworks. To access these, use the same login ID and password you use to access the lecture slides. (Hint: the login ID is "student". The password was given out in class.) Click here for solutions to homework #6 and Click here for solutions to homework #7.

03/27/09   Please don't forget that the 2nd midterm will be held next Friday, 4/3 in the lecture. The exam will cover everything that has been presented since the first midterm, up to and including (weak) induction.

03/11/09   The due dates for homeworks #5 and #6 are being corrected: They will both be due AFTER spring break (not in the middle of it!) Homework #5 will be due on Monday 3/23 and Homework #6 will be due on Wednesday 3/25. Please turn them in during your discussion sessions.

03/06/09   Since Fawzi forgot to hand out homework in class this week, here it is. Please note that the due date is Friday 3/13/09. Homework #6 will be handed out in the discussion on Wednesday 3/11, as usual. It will be due on the following Wednesday.

03/02/09   Due to the closure of campus on Monday, the CMSC 250 midterm has been moved to Wednesday 3/4. Please note that the exam will be given during the DISCUSSION, not during the lecture that day.

02/23/09   Please do not forget that your first midterm exam will be on Monday 3/2 in the LECTURE. Be on time and bring pencils!

02/22/09   We have started posting slides that cover much of the lecture material. See the link to the left. The login ID and password will be announced in class.

01/29/09   Your first quiz will be given on Monday 2/2. You can generally expect to have a quiz every Monday, so come prepared!

01/29/09   Homework #1 was distributed on Wednesday (1/28), and will be due the following Wednesday (2/4). That will be the general pattern: Each Wednesday a homework will be distributed, and the previous homework will be due at the beginning of your lab session. Late homeworks will not be accepted, and you must attend the lab session for which you are registered!

01/17/09  Be sure to check this page from time to time (I recommend daily) for important course announcements.  The more recent messages will appear at the top of the page.