CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Spring 2010

Fear the Turtle!


5/10/2010 End of Semester Announcements:
The TA office hours will end as of Tuesday, May 11.
There will be a review session from 2:00 - 3:30 on Wednesday, May 12 in CSIC 1115.
This will be followed by the "Study Day Dinner" in the lobby of CSIC 4:00pm.
Jan Plane will continue to have office hours until the exam:
Monday, 1:30-3:00
Tuesday, 2:30-4:00
Wednesday: Review Session in CSIC 1115 2:00-3:30
Thursday, 1:30-3:30
Friday, 9:30-11:00
or by appointment
The final exam will be: Friday, May 14th 4-6pm ---
Sections 0101, 0102 and 0101H - ARM 0131
Sections 0201, 0202, 0203, 0301, 0302 and 0303 -- BRB 1101
Remember to do course evaluations at

5/10/2010 Final Exam Review ANSWER Sheet: The Answers Key for final exam review sheet is available here.

5/7/2010 Final Exam Review Sheet: The review sheet for the final is available here.

5/2/2010   If you get an UnsupportedClassVersionError when building your Tron project, then you need to replace the tron.jar file in your project's library directory with this one. (The problem was that the tron.jar file distributed with the project was built with Java 1.6, and you are running Java 1.5).

4/25/2010   To clarify exactly how the Mancala rules work, a number of examples of how the game state changes are now available.

4/22/2010   In order to test your Mancala code locally (given the change in rules below), you must replace the mancala.jar file in your project's lib directory. Read the updated project description for details on how to update your file.

4/22/2010   The project 6 Mancala rule for dropping of the last stone in an empty pit has been simplified - now the rule must be applied just once per move (instead of over and over again).

4/19/2010   The project 6 requirement for creating your own unit tests has been slightly relaxed. You no longer need to create unit tests for the TicTacToeSoln or MancalaSoln classes (but you do still need to create your own unit tests for the TicTacToeState and MancalaState classes).

4/13/2010   The project 6 part A file was distributed with an error in the submit (you can do the project but you won't be able to submit it. If you have not already started the Proj6A, checkout and use the Spring10Proj6ANew instead (ignore the other). If you have already started the project, checkout the Spring10Proj6A and copyall the code you ahve written from Sprint10Proj6A into the corresponding files in the new project folder - then you will be able to submit that new folder.

4/10/2010   If you are getting the "Headless Exception" thrown on the submit server -- I have figured out the solution. The problem is that several of you moved the dictionary.txt file rather than copying it. For the submit server - the dictionary.txt file must be in a folder named text. So, make sure you have the one at the root directory of the project (if you need that in order to run it locally) and you have the one in the text directory which is in the root directory of the project so that it can run on the submit server. If you have moved it (rather than cpied it out of the text folder -- do the following steps: 1) right click on the project 5 folder when you are in the java perspective and select that you want a new folder - name it text 2) copy the dictionary.txt file into that folder using copy and paste. Your "Project Explorer should then end up having both "text" and "dictionary.txt" listed in the Spring10Proj5 folder - then when you look inside the folder named text, there should be antother dictionary.txt.

4/09/2010   Exam 2 review questions and answers are now available.

3/22/2010   Due to a family emergency, Jan Plane's office hours for Monday March 22, 2010 need to be shifted to 1:00-2:30 rather than 1:30-3:00. She will also have additional office hours Tuesday (March 23) 3:30-5:00 to provide additional help.

2/19/2010   To have the dashed vertical line in the 80the column in Eclipse do the following. Follow the menu path: Window/Preferences/General/Editors/Text Editors then check the box that says "Show print margin" and make sure "Print Margin Column" is set to 80.

2/14/2010   It looks like we will finally be back in school tomorrow (Monday). We will pick up right where we left off the Wednesday before the snow started. The lecture will finish lecture set 2 and start lecture set 3. The quiz in lab will review material from before the snow break, and there will be a quiz - the material planned for last Monday's quiz.

2/9/2010   Since we have another day where the university is closed and might have more, We are setting a new due date for Project 0 as Friday. I hope to see you in class on Friday this week.

2/8/2010   Since the university is closed today, Project 0's due date will be extended to tomorrow (Tuesday, February 9 at 11:00pm). This will give you a chance to ask questions during the office hours. Also note that there will be a new (more complete) TA office hours schedule posted which will go into effect tomorrow.)

1/18/2010   Welcome to CMSC 131 - Announcements will appear here - be sure to check this space every day.

1/18/2010   We will have both lecture and lab on day 1 (January 25) for CMSC 131.