CMSC 250 -- Discrete Structures -- Sections 0201 and 0202 ONLY

Spring 2010

Fear the Turtle!


05/10/10   Solutions to the last two homework sets are posted in the following links: HW #10 solutions , and HW #11 solutions

05/10/10   The final exam for this course will be on Saturday 5/15 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in room CSIC 3117. Please arrive several minutes early so that we can get started at 4:00PM sharp.

04/28/10   There was a problem with the copier so one of the problems on the current homework (HW #10) wasn't legible. In case you can't read it on your copy, the assignment is here.

04/09/10   Clarification about the exam content: The exam will focus on the material that was covered after the first exam; however, that does not mean that conepts from earlier in the course will not be mentioned at all. For example, you could be asked to do an induction proof involving divisibility. (Although divisibility was covered earlier in the course, this question could appear on the exam since the focus of the question would be the induction.)

04/09/10   To help you study for Monday's exam, Shalabh has written a study guide, which is posted here. Please be aware that this guide is not intended as a comprehensive study guide for the exam, but it addresses several useful ideas. (Not everything in the study guide will be represented on the exam and not everything on the exam is represented in the study guide.)

04/08/10   To help you study for Monday's exam, I am posting solutions to homework #7 here.

03/22/10   Because many people are having trouble with homework #5, I am extending the deadline to Friday. Please hand in this assignment at the beginning of Friday's lecture. Note that homework #6 will be distributed on Wednesday, and will be due on the following Wednesday, so there will be some overlap with these two assignments.

03/21/10   I just realized that the due date for HW #5 is listed as "3/17/10" -- of course that would have been in the middle of Spring Break! I'm sure you have all guessed that we will be collecting HW #5 on Wednesday, 3/24/10. Sorry for the mistake.

03/05/10   Solutions to homework #4 are posted here. (Use the same login ID and password that you use to access the lecture slides.)

02/24/10   Some students did not pick up the new homework assignment in class today, so I'm making it available here. (You'll need to use the same login ID and password that you use to access the lecture slides.)

02/23/10   IMPORTANT: Due to the snow days, the schedule for midterm exams is being modified. The first midterm will be held during the lecture on Monday 3/8. The second midterm will be held during the lecture on Monday 4/12. There will not be a third midterm. The final exam date has not changed.

02/06/10   Due to campus closings, the due date for HW #2 has been moved to Friday 2/12. (Hand it in at the beginning of the lecture.) In case you weren't in class on Wednesday, the assignment is here. You will need to login using the same login ID and password that you use to access the lecture slides. (If you have forgotten them, just email me and I will send them to you.)

02/06/10   Due to campus closings, we will accept HW #1 submissions as late as Monday (or on the first class day when campus opens again, if it is closed on Monday).

01/28/10   Homework #2 clarification: For #1, please assume that x and y are both integers.

01/28/10   Fawzi Emad's usual office hour from 2:00 to 3:00 is cancelled for tomorrow (Friday).

01/24/10   The date of the second midterm has been changed. It was originally scheduled for April 2nd, but that is a religious holiday for some students, so it is now scheduled for Monday, April 5.

01/24/10   All students must attend the discussion session in which they are enrolled. If you attend the wrong discussion session, we will not accept your homeworks or quizzes.

01/24/10  Be sure to check this page from time to time (I recommend daily) for important course announcements.  The more recent messages will appear at the top of the page.