University of Maryland

CMSC 420 Data Structures, Spring 2010

Current Announcements
  • Check the CMSC 420 course pages on the blackboard project news and update forum daily for project clarifications. All project-related questions will be answered on the appropriate discussion board to ensure all students equal access to the information. Answers will not be emailed.
Latest Project Specification
Course Essentials
Projects, Quizzes, and Exams
  • Quizzes: (10-20%) Best 3 of 4 ( Feb, Mar, Apr, May TBD);
  • Midterm: (20-35%) on April 1 in class  
  • Cumulative Final Exam: (25%-40%) on May 17 10:30am-12:30 pm  
  • Project: (25%-40%) 
    • Part 1: Feb 13th with 24 hour grace period. No submissions accepted for credit after 10PM Feb 13th +24.
    • Part 2: April 9th with 24 hour grace period 10:00 PM. No submissions accepted for credit after 10PM April 10th
    • Part 3: due 10:00 PM TBD.

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