CMSC 714
High Performance Computing

CMSC 714





Class meets TTh 11:00--12:15 in CSIC 3120.


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Alan Sussman


AVW 4145 TBD

Description (from catalog)

Selected topics in high-performance systems, including contemporary architectures, interconnection topologies, shared memory and message-passing systems, multi-threaded kernels, latency avoidance and hiding techniques, methods for data and workload partitioning, performance profiling, debugging.

Additional description

The objective of this course is to study the theory and practice of high performance parallel and distributed computing. The overall goal is to expose you to tools and techniques for parallel and/or distributed environments and to study current trends and technologies. 

This course will focus on current practices in high performance computing technologies, including systems, architectures, programming models, languages and software tools. The course will require students to research and present in class once and complete two introductory and one more extensive group project in parallel and/or distributed programming.

Tentative/partial list of topics

  • Introduction  (1 week)

  • Programming Models (3 weeks)

  • Parallel Architectures (2 weeks)

  • Interconnection Networks  (1 week)

  • Debugging & Instrumentation (1 week)

  • Scheduling (1 week)

  •  Performance Tools (2 weeks)

  • OS Issues (2 weeks)

  • Commercial and Scientific Applications (1 week)

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