Style Guide

  1. Proper indenting → Indentation should be present and same amount of space should be used everywhere.
  2. Good variable names → Avoid names, like x, y, etc. Use camel-case notation (e.g., waterTemperature).
  3. Proper braces → For conditionals (if statements) and loops we wil accept either of the following styles: Brace Styles. Notice the same style(s) apply to for loops.
  4. Proper use of symbolic constants → Any time a constant appears in a program there should be a final variable assigned for it. Symbolic constants should be all in capital letters, with an underscore separating words (e.g., BOILING_TEMPERATURE).
  5. You should break long lines so they span multiple lines. For example:
        if (............ ||
            ............ ||
            ............ )
    No line should be longer than 80 characters.
  6. There should be comments in the following places:
  7. You must avoid code duplication. Two or more segments of code that are essentially the same, need to be combined by either a supporting method or some code reorganization.