CMSC 132 -- Object Oriented Programming II

Sections 020x/030x -- Spring 2011

Fear the Turtle!


05/01/11   There will be a quiz on Wednesday. Be sure to study the graph algorithms!

04/23/11   Project #8 has been posted. This will be the last project for the semester, so be sure to start early and do a good job on it!

04/23/11   There will be a quiz (on threads) on Wednesday of this week.

04/19/11   The final exam date and time has changed! The final exam for all of Fawzi's students in CMSC132 (sections 0201, 0202, 0203, 0301, and 0302) will be: Friday May 13th from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in room ARM 0135. Please arrive a bit early so that we can get started promptly at 4:00PM.

04/18/11   Correction: There will NOT be a quiz on Wednesday, because it is a holiday for many students.

04/10/11   Project #7 has been distributed!

04/02/11   There will be a quiz in the lab on Wednesday (4/6). Please follow this link to a review sheet related to this quiz!

03/30/11   Project #6 has been posted.

03/10/11   In case you find them helpful in studying for the midterm several old CMSC 132 midterms have been posted here.

03/08/11   Project #5 has been posted! Don't forget that we have an exam next week, and the week after that is Spring Break. So you have less time to complete the project than it seems -- start working on it now!

02/27/11   Project #4 has been posted! It will take a good amount of time, so please get started right away.

02/24/11   Quiz #2 will be on Wednesday 3/2. Here is a worksheet to help you prepare for it.

02/19/11   Project #3 has been posted.

02/10/11   Project 2: There are a few updates regarding the project. I put them here. If any other updates are required, I'll add them to that page.

01/29/11   Project #2 has been posted!

01/29/11   Project #1 has been changed from a "closed" project to an "open" project. This means that you are free to discuss the implementation of the project with other people. However, be sure that when you sit down to write the code you are working independently. For complete details on the rules for "open projects" and "closed projects" in this course, please visit this page.

01/27/11   Homework #1 (which has been renamed Project #1) has been posted. Please click the "Projects" link to the left to view the project description. The project files have been distributed to your CVS repositories.

01/23/11   All CMSC132 students are required to attend the discussion session in which they are officially registered. The course is quite full and so there is no room to accommodate people who are not on the official roster for each class session.

01/23/11   Note that this website is for sections 0201/0202/0203, and 0301/0302 only.

01/23/11   Welcome to CMSC 132. We will have our first labs (discussions) and lectures on Monday, January 24. See you there. Important announcements will appear here -- most recent announcements will appear at the top. Be sure to look every day.

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