CMSC 430, Spring 2011

Introduction to Compilers


Important announcements related to the course will be posted here. Please check this page daily.

  • May 21 Final exam scores & grades have been posted. Have a nice summer!

  • May 15 Final exam scheduled for Wed, May 18th, from 1:30pm-3:30pm in CSIC 1122 (same room as lecture).

  • May 15 Problem 6 and solution posted.

  • May 6 CourseEvalUM is open through Wednesday, May 11. Please fill out an evaluation for this and all your other courses.

  • May 4 Midterm 3 solution posted. Scores are available on the grades server.

  • Apr 25 Midterm 3 moved to Mon, May 2nd.

  • Apr 22 Midterm 3 scheduled for Fri, Apr 29th. More information available here.

  • Apr 22 Project 4 posted, due Mon, May 9th. Submit server is up and ready for submissions.

  • Apr 5 Midterm 2 solution posted.

  • Mar 28 Project 3 posted. Submit server ready for submissions.

  • Mar 18 Midterm 2 scheduled for Monday, Apr 4th. More information available here.

  • Mar 18 Note no class this Friday. Please read An Interview with Fran Allen to see an insider perspective on several early IBM architectures & compilers. Happy Spring Break!

  • Mar 12 Project 2 late deadline extended by 1 day to Mar 13.

  • Mar 4 Midterm 1 & solutions posted here.

  • Mar 3 Extra office hours will be offered Fri, March 4th from 1-2pm, in AVW 4135.

  • Mar 2 Midterm 1 will only cover parsing. Syntax-directed translation has been moved to midterm 2.

  • Feb 24 Project 2 posted, due Mar 11. Submit server is up and accepting submissions.

  • Feb 24 Midterm 1 scheduled for Friday, March 4th. More information available here.

  • Feb 18 Project 1 late deadline extended to Sunday, Feb 20.

  • Feb 11 Updated mycc.cup in to eliminate actions not needed until project 2. Students with original skeleton version of mycc.cup may wish to do the same (eliminate actions) if encountering errors in the action code (e.g., NullPointerExceptions in class expNode).

  • Feb 7 Submit server is now accepting Project 1 submissions.

  • Feb 7 Practice problem 1 posted.

  • Feb 7 Project 1 posted, due Feb 17. Submit server not yet up due to problems with testing setup.

  • Jan 26 Lecture cancelled due to campus closure/impending snow.

  • Jan 21 Welcome to 430! Please note the course textbook is recommended, not required.


Name Office E-mail Office Hours
Chau-Wen Tseng AVW 4135 Mon & Wed 2-3pm
Khoa Doan TA office Wed 5-6pm, Thu 4:45-5:45pm


Course Description Introduction to compiler construction. Topics include parsing, intermediate representations, program analysis, optimization, and code generation.
Location CSIC 1122, MWF 4:00-4:50pm
Textbook (Recommended) K. Cooper & L. Torczon, Engineering a Compiler, Morgan Kaufmann, 2003
Acknowledgements Slides courtesy of Keith Cooper, Linda Torczon, Uli Kremer, et al.