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Game Development Resources

The following contains links to a number of possibly useful game development resources and web pages. This is very preliminary. More will be added later. If you have run across any resources that you would like to share with the class, please post a note on Piazzza.

Magazines, Conferences, and Online Communities:
  • Game Programming Gems. Small vignettes covering many topics in game programming, some interesting, some not.
  • Introduction to Game Development (2nd edition), ed. S. Rabin, 2009. A comprehensive collection of essays on many different aspects of game programming. Many of them are quite good.
  • Game Physics (2nd edition), by David H. Eberly, 2010. A very comprehensive source of information.
  • Physics for Game Developers, by David M. Bourg, 2002. An well-written quick introduction to game physics with many examples.
Artificial Intelligence:
  • AI Game Programming Wisdom, ed. S. Rabin, (Vol 1: 2002, Vol 2: 2004). A large collection of essays on many different game programming.
  • AI for Game Developers, by D. M. Bourg and G. Seemann, 2004. Rather slim on theory but contains many examples of basic AI techniques.
Graphics/Physics/Game Engines/Etc:
Individual Web Pages:
Some of these may not be current.
Game Programming Courses at Other Universities:
  • Laboratory for Recreational Computing at the University of North Texas. Contains links to some of their recent courses.
  • CSE 380 (Computer Game Programming) at SUNY Stonybrook.
  • CS 248 (Introduction to Computer Graphics) at Stanford.
  • EECS 494 (Computer Game Design and Implementation) at University of Michigan. At the bottom are links to Showcases of previous semesters' games. Unfortunately, they are just .zip files, which you will need to try to install. I've had success in running in some, but not all of them.

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