CMSC724: Database Management Systems

Prof. Amol Deshpande;    CSIC 2120;    Tue-Thur 11:00am-12:15pm

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Assignment 2 (Query Processing/Optimization)

Assignment 2 PDF (the dataset, including the SQL scripts) -- CORRECTED

Submission: a single hardcopy containing everything would be preferred, but you can also send me a single email with the Java program, and any pdf or text files as separate attachments (please do not submit a zip file). You can slide hardcopies under my door and give it to me in class.

Any questions about the assignment should be asked in the Forum in the thread created.

Due date: March 9, 2011, Wednesday 9AM.

Assignment 1 (SQL Assignment)

SQL Assignment PDF
SQL Script to Populate the Database
Submission Template. The submission is through the submit server.

Sample Answers. Due date: Februray 10, 2011


This is a research-oriented class and hence the main work in this class is independently reading and evaluating research papers in the field of databases. For each of the assigned papers, you should submit a critique by 8am the morning of the class. The critiques should show evidence of independent thinking, and there are many ways you could structure those. Here are two suggestions:
  • A short summary (2-3 lines), followed by 1-3 strong points of the paper (things you liked about it) and 1-3 weak points of the paper.
  • A short summary (2-3 lines), followed by 2-3 questions about the content of the paper.
I will post examples of some summaries after the first paper (or you can look at some examples from last year here).

I will also try to post some thoughts on the papers beforehand, and suggest some things to keep in mind while reading the papers.

Important: I am changing the submission format. For now, you should email me the critique. Make sure to use as the title of the email: "CMSC 724 Critique *date as month/day*" (e.g., for the next critique "CMSC 724 Critique 1/27").

Please follow this precisely since I have my mail set up to handle such emails differently.

Later I will post all the summaries as a single post or on the webpage, along with my responses. Late submissions or no submissions will be penalized. Missing upto two summaries is fine. Beyond that: 3 missed or late submissions - 5/20 points deducted. 4 missed submissions, 10/20 deducted. 5 missed submissions 20/20 deducted.

Class Project

The project will be a mini research project that will be conducted by groups.

There will be four major milestones.

Group Members and the Project Idea/Proposal (Due: 2/19/11)

A one-page proposal stating and motivating the problem.

Literature survey (Due: 3/11/11 - 5pm)

A 3-4 page report that surveys the prior work, and puts your proposed work in context of the related prior work.

Intermediate Progress Report (Due: 4/6/11 - 5pm)

A 5-7 page progress report.

Final Report and Presentation (Due: 5/6/11 - 5pm)

Final report (about 10-15 pages) should follow a research paper format. There may be either an oral presentation or a poster session.