Programming via the Web -- Spring 2012


05/04/12   We will have one last quiz on Monday 5/7.

05/04/12   The final exam is on Saturday 5/12 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in room BRB 1101. Please arrive several minutes early. If you are registered with DSS and need to take the exam in the Shoemaker building, be sure to get the paperwork to me no later than 3:00PM on Wednesday 5/9.

04/30/12   Policy on late research papers: I will accept late research papers up to 48 hours after the deadline (even though I mistakenly said 24 hours in class). Late papers will be penalized 20%. You can hand the paper in at the beginning of class on Friday and it will be accepted, but no papers will be accepted after that!

04/30/12   Project #5 deadline: Because several locations on campus were without internet service last night, we will accept projects up to 24 hours past the due date with no penalty. We will not accept any projects more than 24 hours past the original due date.

04/17/12   Students in the 1:00 lecture: I made an error going over problem #5 from the worksheet. The code I wrote for copying the elements actually copied ALL of the elements instead of just the smaller ones. I forgot to write an if-statement that would check whether or not each element was smaller than the cutoff. Sorry for the mistake!

04/11/12   Regarding Project #5: Some students reported having difficulty watching the demonstration video with the Quicktime plugin. It should work properly now, so please try again.

04/10/12   Project #5 has been posted! This will be the last coding project for the semester.

04/09/12   There will be a quiz on Friday, April 13th.

04/03/12   Here are some practice problems related to arrays. These exercises are not being collected or graded, but please try them. If you get stuck, please drop by to see me or one of the TAs for some help! You will see something like this on the second midterm.

03/27/12   The "Research Paper" I've been talking about in class has now been formally assigned. Please see the Assignments section for more information.

03/27/12   Please bring laptops to class on Wednesday 03/28/12!

03/27/12   Quiz #4 will be on Friday 03/30/12.

03/15/12   Project #4 has been posted!

03/08/12   Solutions to Wenesday's in-class exercises have been posted in the "Lectures" area.

03/07/12   Quiz #3 will be on Friday 03/09/12.

03/06/12   A working solution to Monday's in-class exercise has been posted in the "Lectures" area. Note that my solution is expecting the user's responses to be "y" or "n".

03/05/12   Please bring laptops to class on Wednesday 03/07/12.

03/05/12   Project #3 has been posted!

03/03/12   Please bring laptops to class on Monday, 03/05.

02/21/12   Project #2 has been posted! Please get started right away.

02/16/12   I posted a solution to Wednesday's in-class exercise. You'll find it in the "Lectures" area in the box for that class day. Please keep in mind that there are many ways to solve this exercise -- this is just ONE way.

02/12/12   Please bring your laptops to class on Wednesday 02/15/12.

02/12/12   Quiz #2 will be on Wednesday 02/15/12

02/09/12   If your older Mac operating system is having problems running Komodo Edit 7.0, you might want to try an older version. I put a link to version 6.1 (for Macs only) on the class webpage in the resources section.

02/07/12   Project #1 has been posted. (You'll find a link to the project description inside the "Assignments" section.) Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your work. We will NOT grant extensions on the project deadline due to technical problems on your end.

02/02/12   Please bring laptops to class on Monday 02/06!

02/02/12   When transferring files, be sure to use SSH or SFTP (not FTP)

01/30/12   Please install TWO things on your laptop before bringing it to Wednesday's class. Both of these can be downloaded from links in the Resources area of the class webpage:
  1. Komodo Edit
  2. One of the File Transfer Clients

01/29/12   If you have a laptop, please bring it to Wednesday's class!

01/29/12   There will be a quiz on Wednesday 02/01.

01/27/12   A very short required reading has been assigned (please read before Monday's class). Click the "Assignments" menu option to access this and subsequent assignments.

01/26/12   The schedule for TA office hours has been posted (click the "Staff" link, above); however, please be aware that TA office hours do not begin until Monday 01/30.

01/24/12   The first day of class is tomorrow (Wednesday) -- don't miss it!

01/24/12   Welcome to CMSC 122. Be sure to check this page frequently for important class announcments.

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