University of Maryland

Discrete Structures - CMSC 250/250H, Spring 2012

Current Announcements
  • 2/3 - Course announcements will now be posted on Piazza. Please check the forum and your email to stay current!
Course Essentials
  • Graded assignments will include:
    • Homework
      • Assigned weekly, due at the beginning of discussion on Wednesdays
    • Quizzes
      • One quiz per week, at the beginning of discussion on Mondays
    • Midterms(during normal lecture times in normal rooms)
      • First exam: Thursday, March 8
      • Second exam: Thursday, April 12
    • Final Exam
      • Tuesday, May 15, 4-6pm
      • 010x - ARM 0135, 020x and H - ARM 0126
      • The final will be comprehensive!
  • Grades will be computed in two separate ways, and your final grade will be the maximum of the two:
    1. As defined in the syllabus: 13% quizzes, 13% hws, 44% exams, 30% final
    2. By dropping the lowest of your two exams, and then compensating for the extra percentage on the final: 13% quizzes, 13% hws, 22% best exam, 52% final
TAs and Office Hours
  • All office hours will be held in the TA room, also known as 1112 AV Williams.
  • Please note that the TAs prefer that you use these email addresses to contact them, instead of those listed on the syllabus! Thanks!

  • Section(s)TAEmailOffice Hours
    0101, 0102Anupam Guhaaguha{at}cs.umd.eduTu/W 5pm-6:30pm
    0103Sana Malikmaliks{at}cs.umd.eduM/W 11am-12:30pm
    0201, 0202, 0203Greg Benjamingregben{at}cs.umd.eduM/F 2pm-3:30pm
    250hYuk Hei (Tom) Chanyhchan{at}cs.umd.eduM 9:30am-11am, Tu 3:30pm-5pm
    graderRahmatri (Diko) Mardikomardiko{at}cs.umd.eduTu/Thu 11am-12:30pm
    graderJudith Beaudoinjbeaudoi{at}terpmail.umd.eduTu 12:30pm-3:20pm
    graderAndrew Fichmanafichman{at}terpmail.umd.eduTu/Thu 2pm-3:30pm
Class Resources
  • Piazza
    • This is a place for you to ask and answer questions of your fellow students, although the TAs and instructors will also be around to moderate and clarify difficult points. Go ahead, help each other learn! But don't cheat, because we will catch you.
  • Restricted Content
    • Lecture slides, homeworks, homework solutions (password-protected)

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