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CMSC 420 Data Structures, Spring Draft 2012

Current Announcements
  • Check the CMSC 420 course pages on elms for announcements, TA office hours, and additional resources. Expect to receive lots of email from Dr. Hugue, sent to or I will send email as drmeeshATgmailDotcom, as well as meeshATcsDotumdDotedu. To help you, I will endeavor to put cmsc420 or 420 in the subject. clarifications. All project-related questions will be answered on piazza to ensure all students equal access to the information. In general, answers will not be emailed by the TA. And, please don't email Dr. Hugue directly with project questions (unless there is a private issue or other irregularity which disturbs you). She will just tell you to post to piazza.
Latest Project Specification
Course Essentials
Course Content
Major Scheduled Grading Events
  • 2 75 minute in-class Tests: March 13, April 19, 2012 (18% each)
  • Cumulative Final Exam: 4pm--6pm May 14, 2012 (CSI 1115) (36%)  
  • Project (28%):  
    • Part 1: (100 pts) 2/29 with 48 hour grace period. No later submissions accepted for credit--only good faith effort.
    • Part 2: (250 pts) TBD with 48 hour grace period . No later submissions accepted for credit--only good faith effort.
    • Part 3: (350 pts) Due 23:59PM 05/08/12 with 48 hour grace period. Extensions limited to university rules.
    • Note: we reserve the right to fail you in the absence of a good-faith effort on the project. Dr. Hugue is the sole arbiter of this issue, and the minimum number of points to pass the class will be announced when the part 3 specification is released.

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