CMSC 434: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

Evan Golub (
AVW 1115 [Tue/Thu 2-3:30 or by appointment]


FINAL EXAM - Thursday, May 17th, 1:30pm - CSIC 1121

Please don't forget to do the CourseEvalUM.

05/18: Project 4 grades, final exam grades, and semester letter grades are now posted on the server. The median for the final exam was an 83.

05/13: I've posted a general outline of topics we've covered as well as a collection of example questions on the Piazza board.

05/07: Some discussion of computer input along the lines of Fitts' Law and the Keyboard-Level Model and a short quiz with answers that looks at Fitts' Law in the context of UI.

05/02: Project 4 has been posted.

04/20: I have posted the Homework #4 description. As discussed in class, this will actually be used as an extra-credit assignment as explained in class.

04/14: I have posted the presentations schedule. Each presentation should be between 10 and 12 minutes in length. I suggest sticking with PowerPoint presentations with screenshots when you want to show parts of your application.

04/12: Project 3 has been posted.

04/12: We'll talk a bit about designing for the web today.

04/09: After finishing our visual design discussion, we did a sticky note session on Sea Grass.

04/02: We'll finish up Information Representation today in class and I've posted the next set of slides on graphical design as well.

03/28: I've posted an updated version of the video for homework #3 assignment which fixes two audio errors.

03/16: As promised, I've posted the homework #3 assignment. You do not need to start this over the break, it's just posted now so that you can if you'd like to.

03/13: I've posted Slides Set #8 (Part I) and Slides Set #8 (Part II) (updated 3/15) which both talk about Heuristic Evaluations.

03/11: The midterm grades are posted on the server. The range was 52 to 100. The median was 84. The mean was 82. The exams will be returned in class on Tuesday.

03/08: The project 2 description has been posted.

03/06: I've updated the Hall of Fame/Shame presentation dates list to reflect the remainder of the semester.

03/04: I've posted an outline of topics and readings to help you check to see if there are any topics that you have overlooked as you were studying.

03/01: I've posted the notes on design psychology. Please read through them before Tuesday's class.

02/27: Please read Chapter 4 of the textbook.

02/22: More news on the faster than light experiment.

02/22: I've posted a slide set about qualitative evaluation with users.

02/21: I've posted a slide set about evaluation and ethics.

02/16: To help you plan a little, my plan is to post the project 2 assignment on March 8th (the day of the midterm) and have it due around April 11th, at which point project 3 will be assigned.

02/16: Please read Chapter 3 of the textbook.

02/14: I've posted a slide set about user-centered design. Also, please take a look at this image and consider what it means in terms of our recent discussions. The image comes from this page.

02/14: I've posted a preliminary list of Hall of Fame/Shame presentation dates. Please check to see if your team is listed. When you've agreed on an application to critique let me know at and I will updated the list page (no repeats allowed).

02/13: I'm going to start having some "drop in" office hours for CMSC434 starting this week. Tuesdays 2-3:30 and Thursdays 2-3:30. As before, meetings by appointment can still be made (11-12 is a good slot to ask for on Mondays through Thursdays currently).

02/13: The server will be used for posting grades. Homework #1 grades are up except for submissions that weren't handed in at class time. (They weren't visible if you checked before 1:50pm Tuesday - they are now.)

02/07: I've posted a slide set about task-centerd design.

02/07: Please read Chapter 2 of the textbook.

02/06: I have posted a draft of the project 1 description. I would encourage you to read through it before class tomorrow. We will be forming teams this week, and if you are interested in doing an application option other than the ones listed, the proposal is due later this week.

02/02: HW #2 is now posted.

02/02: Slide set #2 is posted.

01/31: Please read Chapter 1 of the textbook and the excerpt on ELMS.

01/26: The official class syllabus is now posted.

01/26: To read the first Online Reading you will need to first log into You can access the reading from the link on this page, or under "Supplemental Readings" on the course's ELMS site.

01/26: Slide set #1 is posted.

01/26: HW #1 is now posted.

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