CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Sections 0401/0402/0403 -- Spring 2013

Fear the Turtle!


05/08/13   The final exam is on Monday 5/13 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in room ARM 0131. Please arrive at 3:50 so that we can get started on time.

05/07/13   Here are the lecture slides about inheritance that I promised.

05/03/13   In class today, I mistakenly said that lecture slides for the course were available on the class webpage of a previous semester. That is not true! I was thinking of my CMSC 132 class in which I have used lecture slides in the past. On Monday I will post the lecture slides on inheritance, since I think you might find them useful while studying for your final.

04/26/13   Project #7 has been posted!

04/17/13   Project #6 has been posted!

04/01/13   Project #5 has been posted!

03/26/13   There was a technical problem with the submit server and a few recent submissions may have been lost. If you submitted your project recently (on or after Sunday), you should resubmit it just to be sure.

03/18/13   Regarding Project #4: When writing JUnit tests, you should avoid using assertEquals for this project. (AssertTrue can be used instead). As mentioned previously, the version of equals that we are writing is technically incorrect, and is not compatible with assertEquals. Later in the course we will learn the proper way to write an equals method!

03/12/13   Project #4 has been posted!

03/11/13   One solution to the "Vehicle" example from today's lab has been posted to your CVS repositories as "VehicleExample".

03/07/13   Ahmed Kosba has volunteered to hold extra office hours tomorrow (Friday) from 3:00 to 5:30 in order to compensate for not being available yesterday when campus was closed. Please thank him for doing this!

02/26/13   Project #3 has been posted!

02/21/13   On Monday we will be reviewing for the exam, so be sure to study this weekend and come to class with plenty of questions!

02/21/13   Please do not forget that we are having a midterm on Wednesday 2/27 in your discussion section. We will have lecture that day, as usual, so be sure to come to both class sessions.

02/15/13   Project #2 has been posted. Please get it done soon so that you will have plenty of time to study for your midterm exam!

02/15/13   Regarding Project #1: You may NOT use any return statements in this project! (Don't worry if you don't know about return statements yet -- we'll get to it very soon.)

02/08/13   There is a way to have Eclipse automatically draw a vertical line in the editor at exactly the 80th column. (That way you can easily check that your lines are all less than 80 characters long, which is our requirement for this course.) Try this: Right-click inside the editor, then choose Preferences, General, Editors, Text Editors. You'll see a checkbox called "show print margin". Check this box, and enter the value 80 in the box below that says Print margin column.

02/07/13   Project #1 has been posted. To view the project descripiton, click the "Projects" link on the menu to the left.

01/26/13   The first project (Project #0) has been posted. To begin working on the project, select "Projects" from the menu to the left, and then click on the title of the project ("Hello World"). This will take you to a full description of the project.

01/19/13   All CMSC131 students are required to attend the discussion session in which they are officially registered.

01/19/13   Note that this website is for sections 0401, 0402, and 0403 ONLY.

01/19/13   Welcome to CMSC 131 (sections 0401/0402/0403) for the Spring 2013 Semester. Important announcements will appear here as the semester goes on. Be sure to look every day.

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