CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Sections 0101-0102 -- Spring 2013

Fear the Turtle!


01/23/13  Welcome to CMSC 131! We will have our first labs (discussions) and lectures on Wednesday, January 23. See you there. Important announcements will appear here -- most recent announcements and information about projects will appear at the top. Be sure to check this page on a regular basis.

05/09/2013 Reminder: The Final Exam for this course is scheduled to take place on Monday 13 May, from 4 to 6 PM in CSI 1115.

04/26/2013 Just posted the last project for this semester; it will be due no later than the last day of classes. If you have the time, please go to the Projects page where you will find a link to the common web page.

04/17/13 Updated the Supplementals page to include some starter code for your Labs this week. Please use that in today's sessions.

04/15/2013 Just posted Project 6, which a a kind of Pet Store, where you keep track of the pets. Have a look at the Projects page in order to follow the relevant link.

04/11/2013 Updated the Supplementals page to include Two For Review, which contains two methods that summarize some of the topics discussed this week in regular session. These topics will appear on next week's midterm.

04/09/2013 Just posted Lab9, in which you will work (explicitly) with Arrays of ints. Note, this one is due Thursday (4/11) by 2:00PM (on time), Friday (4/12) latest. Note that the documentation is embedded in the project (this time I checked!)

04/07/2013 Just posted some new code in the Supplementals page ... where you can practice some array and String idioms in preparation for next week's Mid Term #2.

04/03/2013 Just Posted Project 5, in which you play Poker! Please note that a lot (if not all) of the required documentation is found within the doc subdirectory embedded in the project. The delivery date for this particular project is 12 April 2013, no later than 8:00PM.

03/25/2013 Just posted Project 4, in which you will use some pretty cool software to solve quadratic equations! Please navigate to the Projects page and make sure that you read through all of the documentation before writing one line of code!

03/14/2013 Server problems, etc., please note that the final delivery dates on Project 3 have been pushed to your return from Spring break ---meaning, Monday 25 March at 2:00PM. The lab from this week has also been pushed to that date. This was done to afford you time to complete your projects and labs given server outages, etc.

03/05/2013 Just Posted Project 3, which is due next Thursday evening at 11PM.

02/26/2013 Just Posted Lab05, in which you will work in small groups in order to create some ASCII-based art in the now-familiar Grid. Please note: this Lab has a short fuse, so plan on getting to work upon your arrival tomorrow!

02/19/2013 Just posted Project 2, in which you will use your knowledge of Java iteration statements to draw polygons and alphabetic characters in a Grid.

02/15/2013 Check out the new (promised) Supplementals link on the class menu (to your left). As I mentioned today: go there to find downloadable versions of the code that I write/demonstrate in class on any given week.

02/07/2013 Just posted Project 1, in which you will create a more realistic program using your knowledge of the Scanner class, data-types, conditional and iterative programming constructs. (Navigate to Projects if you wish to read about it.)

02/04/2013The next project, in which you interact with the Submit Server is ready and due 7 Feb. (Navigate to Projects if you wish to read about it.)

02/03/2013 Reminder! A brief quiz will be given at the end of your Monday's discussion sessions!

02/02/2013 Reminder that homework is due first-thing in your discussion sessions on Monday (4 Feb. 2013).

01/28/2013 Just posted the first project. (Navigate to Projects if you wish to read about it.)

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