Mac setup instructions

1. Install development tools and emulator

First, install XCode Tools. Then install MacPorts, and use it to install: gcc and binutils.

sudo port -v selfupdate
sudo port install i386-elf-gcc i386-elf-binutils

Download and copy Q (download link on right), the OS X port of QEMU, into your Applications folder.

2. Compile and Install GDB for i386-elf

Download the gdb source, we will be using the latest version 6.8.
tar xfz gdb-6.8.tar.gz
cd gdb-6.8
./configure --target=i386-elf --disable-werror --program-prefix=i386-elf-
sudo make install

3. Copy the Mac Makefile

Download and untar the project tar.gz from the specification. cd into the project directory.
cd build
cp Makefile.mac Makefile

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