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CMSC 630 --- Foundations of Software Verification

Spring 2015




This page lists some ideas for course projects.  Generally, a project may take one of two forms:


Ideas for Presentation Topics


This is just a smattering of possible verification-related topics; there are many others.  Feel free to propose another topic not on this list.




There are other tools as well.  Feel free to investigate and propose an alternative.

Project Grading

Your project grade will be based on the following factors, weighted as indicated.



Is mastery of the material shown?  For presentation-topic projects, are the essential contributions of the papers understood and clearly articulated?  For case-study projects, are relevant aspects of the system verified, and are features and limitations of the tool well described?  Are questions well handled?  Is the work placed in context of other work?



Does the speaker interact well with the audience?  Is appropriate eye-contact maintained?  Is the material well-organized?  Are the slides clear and well structured?  Is appropriate use of graphics and figures (either in slides or on the board) made during the presentation? 

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