CMSC724: Database Management Systems

Prof. Amol Deshpande;    CSIC 1121;    Mon-Wed 3:30pm-4:45pm

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This is a research-oriented class and hence the main work in this class is independently reading and evaluating research papers in the field of databases. For each class, there will be one or two assigned papers, that you have to read before the class.

For each class, two of you will be responsible for preparing a summary and a list of discussion points about both the assigned papers (this can include praising specific things you liked about the paper, complaints about the approach/methodology etc., potential future directions, why the paper may or may not be relevant today, etc). These summaries need to be sent to me by Friday evening of the week prior, so I have enough time to put together the summaries. Everyone else must post a response to this summary by 2pm of the day of the class, which can include any comments on the discussion points, additional discussion points, etc (this doesn't need to be very detailed, and can be a few sentences).

I will circulate a sign-up sheet to sign up for doing these discussion points later (when the class enrollment stabilizes).

Late submissions or no submissions (i.e., responses to the summary) will be penalized. Missing upto two is fine. Beyond that: 3 missed or late submissions - 5/20 points deducted. 4 missed submissions, 10/20 deducted. 5 missed submissions 20/20 deducted.

All submissions are through Piazza.

Programming Assignments

There will be several programming assignments.
  • Assignment 1: SQL, Due Tuesday, February 9, 2016
  • Assignment 2: PostgreSQL Query Optimization, Due Tuesday, February 23, 2016
  • Assignment 3: Spark, Due Friday, March 11, 2016
Clone the class assignment git repository for the assignments as well as datasets. Submissions using submit server.

Writen Assignments

The tentative plan is a three written assignments. We may revise depending on how things go in the early assignments.
Each assignment worth 5 points.

The first written assignment focuses on the background readings, and is posted below.

You can submit using the submit server (preferred) or you can submit a hard copy before the deadline (you can slide it under my office door if I am not there).
  1. Homework 1 Due: Friday, February 12, 2016, 6pm ([tex file])

Class Project

The project will be a mini research project that will be conducted by groups. More details would be posted shortly.

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