CMSC216 Coordinators

Name Anwar Mamat
Office AVW 3259
Office Hours Tue, Thu: 1:00-2:00 pm
E-Mail anwar [AT] cs [DOT] umd [DOT] edu

Name Nelson Padua-Perez
Office AVW 1203
Office Hours Mon, Wed: 12:30-2:00 pm
E-Mail nelson [AT] cs [DOT] umd [DOT] edu

Name Neil Spring
Office AVW 4133
Office Hours TBA
E-Mail TBA [AT] cs [DOT] umd [DOT] edu

Office Hours Information

Please see Office Hours Guidelines

Teaching Assistants

All TA office hours take place in AVW 1112.

Name E-mail Pic
Swati Singhal (Grader) swati [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Snehesh Shrestha (Grader) snehesh [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Peratham Wiriyathammabhum (Grader) peratham [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Mahmoud Sayed (Grader) mfayoub [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Mohammed Salem (Grader) mefathy [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Kyungjun Lee (Grader) kjlee [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Gabriella Farley gfarley [AT] terpmail.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Stefani Moore stemoore [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Ian Longo ilongo [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Adam Hamlin ahamlin2 [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Xi Chen xchen141 [AT] terpmail.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Justin Park park1996 [AT] terpmail.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Khanh Nguyen kqn28 [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Lee Williams drummerx04 [AT] gmail [DOT] com TAImage
Shravan Sanjiv ssanjiv [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Victor Chang vchang50 [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Allen Cheng allen12 [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Stefan Su stefansu [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Simon Schlegel smschleg [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Raghav Bhasin bhasin97 [AT] cs.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Christopher Giessner cgiessne [AT] terpmail.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Mehdi Moaddeb moaddebmehdi [AT] hotmail [DOT] edu TAImage
Jihoon Ok* jihoonok [AT] terpmail.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Christopher Nakamura* cnaka [AT] terpmail.umd [DOT] edu TAImage
Andrew(Mingbo) Gu* mgu123 [AT]terpmail.umd [DOT] edu TAImage

* This class is supported by the new Academic Peer Mentoring Program (AMP). Tutors are former cmsc216 students that will help you with the course. Keep in mind they will not be able to address grading concerns. Tutors will hold tutoring hours in the TA room. Additional information about this program can be found at

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