CMSC 396H: Undergraduate Honors Seminar

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Class time & place Wed 1:00-1:50, 3258 A.V. Williams
Instructor Dave Levin
  • Office hours: By appointment
  • 4131 A.V. Williams


The goal of this course is to prepare undergraduate students to do research in any area of computer science, collaborating with students and faculty to: perform experiments, read and write research papers, and give presentations to an academic audience.

We plan look at good research in diverse areas of computer science so that students can both choose an area of research wisely and recognize fruitful research questions within larger projects.

The course will also cover tools and techniques for collaborative authoring and typesetting of research papers.

In sum, the goal is to convey knowledge that students tend to acquire individually though reading or tutoring by graduate students. Students at the end of the course should be ready to contribute meaningfully to active projects or even to direct their own research


There are no required texts. See the schedule for papers and handouts.


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