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Final Projects

These are videos of the final projects for CMSC 425, Spring 2017. The ordering is random.

Zombie Dungeon Crawler
by Ramsey Khadder, Aash Bhardwaj, and Carlos Gonzales

Explore a dungeon overrun with zombies. Go room to room, clear rooms, solve puzzles, and kill bosses as you explore.

Unity Mystery Dungeon
by Jonathan Hansford and Nicholas Lombardi

Unity Mystery Dungeon (UMD) is a top-down shooter/rouge-like inspired by The Binding of Issac, Enter the Gungeon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and the original Legend of Zelda. The player begins the game on a randomly generated floor. To win the game, the player must locate the boss teleporter room and then defeat the final boss.

An ancillary objective to defeating the boss is finding treasure rooms, which contain stat upgrade items and weapons, The player has seven stats (including maximum health, damage, and rate of fire), which they may increase by picking up stat items, or modify by picking up one of seven different weapons. The player can also pickup bandages to restore health. However, the enemies also get progressively stronger with each room the player clears.

Most of the rooms on each floor contain hostile enemies that must be defeated to proceed. The game features seven ordinary enemies, plus the final boss, each with a different script. There are three types of zombies, which run at the player and inflict contact damage, two types of turrets, that stand in place and shoot the player, and two types of aliens, who run around the room and shoot the player. The final boss has four different states and uses a randomized FSA to change between them.

Journey to Swolehalla
by Daniel Kapit and Greg Bekher

Journey to Swolehalla is a survival-style arcade game, where the levels never end and the points don't matter. Best your score or beat your previous survival record. The user plays as the last buff guy on Earth facing off against Gainz Goblins to try and win his way to eternal protein in the halls of Swolehalla. Defeat your enemies with a barbell, flying dumbbells, or exploding kettlebells, and pick up powerups to keep your gainz or enhance your strength or speed. Just watch out for the junk food being thrown at you; lose your swole, and it's game over. Every level is randomly generated within a 10 x 10 grid, and the number of enemies increases for each level won. All models were downloaded from the Unity Asset Store or Sketchfab. Features custom-composed music and sound effects.

Idol Camp
by Randy Flores

Idol Camp a fun, funky, rhythm based, 2D game inspired by Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven. This game consists of 5 fun unique levels that are each a separate mini game based on music and rhythm. The goal is to help 5 animal trainees practice their different skills to become a top idol. The first four levels will test different skill sets, such as keeping beat, memorization, dance and singing. It leads to finale fifth level that puts all four previous games into one mashup. The player will not know if they are winning or losing until the end of the round. "Catch the Beat" will give the player an 8-count beat and a goal beat (e.g. beat 16 or 32) and the player must then lock in when the goal beat is reached. "Three Six Nine" has the player face three computer players in taking turns counting but hitting a different key when their number contains a 3,6, or 9 digit. "Dodge Dodge Revolution" has their player dancing between 5 lanes with blocks falling from above trying to ruin the party. "Pop Idol Music" is similar to guitar hero, in which the player uses the arrow keys to hit incoming notes to the rhythm of the song. "Idol Camp Musical" is the final mashup that puts the four levels to the beat of 1 song. Each game is designed with simple controls like either using the space bar and arrow keys. A tutorial is provided for each game along with a Winning and Losing Scene. Each scene is created on Canvases with either an image or movie background and colorful animated sprites layered over them. All backgrounds, sprites, and music was found online for free downloads.

Bombastic Beagles
by Katie Wang and Caleb Oh

This is a two player game played on a split screen. Each player has the ability to shoot the other and players will die and respawn an infinite amount of times. When a player dies all the beagles that were following the player are set loose and the player must start again. Players can die from either being shot or falling off the platform. The goal of the game is to run near enough to a beagle to get it to follow you and then to bring it to your goal area. Whoever gets 10 beagles to their goal area first wins.

Energy Planet
by Jada Washington

Energy Planet is a game where you must collect energy cubes to restart your ship. You fight enemies along the way who also give you energy. As you collect more energy you level up and gain more health which will be helpful when fighting. You need 50 pieces of energy to start your ship and win the game.

Nukes and Neurons
by Kevin Bock and Ashton Webster

Nukes and Neurons is a first-person shooter split-screen game. Your only weapons are a variety of exploding projectiles against human or AI opponents. Users fight in one of three fully destructable voxel worlds. The AI is trained using imitation learning using a neural network to behave similarly to human players in the same situations. Unlike traditional AI, the imitation learning AI is given no domain knowledge about movement, path finding, game controls, gameplay, or objectives, and learns exclusively from observing human players in various situations. Other features include full controller support for local gameplay (Logitech Gamepad by default), several maps, and configurable learning parameters for the AI.

by David LoBosco

Stressed for finals? Knock around Testudo's shell for a while in this exciting twist of the classic arcade game, pinball. Race the clock and maximize your score by hitting the books (or any other obstacle). Try your chances and sneak a swim into McKeldin fountain, but don't expect there to be no consequences!

The Emperor's New Hair
by Ryan Brink and Jack Kindall

Oh geez, Vladimir Putin has implanted a mind control device in Donald Trump's hair. Putin plans to use him to take over the world, but first he needs to defeat those that stand in President Trump's way. In this top-down shooter, you play as President Trump as he wards off waves of Bad Hombres. In the regular mode, you play through levels with a fixed amount of enemies and a fixed enemy spawn pattern. In the "Media Frenzy" mode, the playable area is bigger and the enemies are infinite and spawn randomly. Use power ups like building a wall, fake news, and press briefings to gain score and stay alive.

by Emily Winner

You are an exoarcheologist on an abandoned alien planet. You alone have been tasked with finding the secrets of ruins that have been uncovered on the planet. By examining and interacting with objects in the ruins, you must solve the puzzles left by the aliens who once lived here. Exoarch is a first-person, 3D puzzle game. The game consists of three mini puzzles to discover key codes which advance the main plot when they are used.

Golf Pong
by Ben Chaney

Golf Pong is a mixture between golf and beer pong. Using your keyboard, line up your shot and give it the right amount of power. Race your opponent to sink a shot in all 6 cups. First person to remove all of their cups wins!

Break Loose
by Kevin Coleman

You every have that dream when you fall into a nightmare with demons chasing you? Time to Break Loose before they do! Use your weapons and drifting skills to fend off endless hordes of angry villains in a game best described as Tokyo Drift meets Doom. Can you claim the Top Score! Favor will look down upon you, as pick-ups will spawn to aid you in your moments of need. But can you find them before the dastardly beasts claim your engine?

by Judy Fan

A fantasy dating-sim style RPG that takes place primarily in a cafe that serves both humans and otherworldly guests. The main character discovers the cafe and takes on a job as a hostess and can increase her affection level with various characters to explore different routes and plotlines.

by Brian Fitzgerald

"Stranded" is a survival RPG developed on the Unity platform. You play a pilot crash-landed in the remote wilderness - survive for as long as possible by keeping your health bar above zero. Beware, actions like moving, climbing, and merely existing will gobble precious stamina points. When your stamina is at zero, your health will start depleting. Search the world for food to restore health and stamina. Eat wisely, as eating some foods may have adverse effects.

by Corbin Ford and Travis Mudd

BeatRider is a Guitar Hero style music rhythm game. For our game, you play with A,S,D,F,G or the H,J,K,L,; keys. The objective of the game is to get the highest score possible for the song by hitting the correct key corresponding to the note. In the background, there are 512 bars in a circle around the game board to represent the different frequency bands for the loaded song. The bars then move up and down according to the values that they read. In the foreground, 8 bars are present to better the represent the aforementioned 512 bars. These bars operate on a buffer in order to control their maximum height and to make their up and down transition animations smoother. The created buffer for the cubes is then scaled down to a value between 0 and 1 in order to control the color emission of the bars to create a more dynamic frequency representation.

Wrath of the Zombies
by Charmi Patel, Yoonshik Hong, and Allen Lai

The Wrath of Zombies is a 3D single-player interactive survival game in which the player navigates through dungeon floors and attempts to kill zombies that continuously spawn in random locations and become more powerful as the game progresses. There are health and strength power ups that can be collected.

by Peter Koutras

Dishonorable is a stealth game with puzzle aspects. Sneak through the environment, lay traps, and stealthily take out enemies as you strive to eliminate enough enemies to activate the portal at the end of each level. You character can slash, teleport, see through walls, lay traps, and unleash a long-distance attack to eliminate the enemies. However, each move takes up a certain amount of actions, and the total number of actions you have are limited. Stealthy moves, like slashing while undetected and laying traps take up less, while more brazen moves take up more. There are 7 levels of increasing difficultly. Use your actions wisely as you sneak and slash your way through the old castle.

Beef Jerky II
by Santiago Vanegas Marino

Beef Jerky II is a small FPS dungeon crawler. In it you explore a maze that is randomly generated room by room. As you descend levels, enemies become more numerous and the exit to the next level becomes a tad bit harder to find. Can you make it to the 8th level?

Planet Protector
by Shaan Verma and Brian Lemons

Planet Protector is an arcade-y tower defense style space shooter. The objective is to protect the central solar system as long as you can.

by Junze Liu, Minjie Wei and Tianqi He

This is a 2D horizontal survival game. The player will need to control two characters that appear at the top and bottom of the screen at the same time. The platform in each scene will randomly generate into low and high platforms which you must jump onto the high platforms to avoid dying from falling. There is a yellow chick that shoots out fire balls that will damage the character's health by one. If the character touched the chicken, it will damage 2 health from the character. However, you can press 's' to shoot out a weapon to destroy the chicken and at the same time, the fireball that is shot by the chicken will destroy at the same time. The weapon will have a 3 second cool-down before the next shoot. Stars will also randomly generate on the platform. If the character picks up the star, it will increase the character's speed for some short time. If the character's health is below 3. The script will generate flowers. If the character picks up a flower, its health will increase by 1. The highest health for the characters is only 5 stars. The game also keeps track of how long you stay in the game. This timing determines what text will be display at the game over screen when you eventually die. In the intro scene, you can pick the character and background for you game too.

by Christopher Bugtong

Scary Scary Dungeon is a touch-based mobile game built in the Unity engine. You play a wizard who enters the Scary Scary Dungeon to fight wave after wave of enemies. You have a variety of spells at your disposal: explosive blasts, light to illuminate the darkness, force fields, and more. To improve your spell-casting skills, a safe training option is available, where you can practice your spells alone in a room without fear of the hordes of enemies. Can you survive the Scary Scary Dungeon?

by Kevin Lu

Passover is a side-scrolling platformer. The goal is to peacefully and seamlessly reach your end. But of course, enemies will impede your way. They each have different weaknesses and strengths. Some will follow you if close! Jump them, slash them, or shoot them accordingly. Enemies are immune to wrong attacks and if so, only you will get hurt. Each level is filled with hazards and moving platforms. Jump or double jump carefully. You cannot die or gameover in this. Any mess-up will result in you respawning at an earlier checkpoint. This is because when you mess up, you'll have to overcome the unavoidable. Checkpoints are the white flowers which you must touch (or not) to update the checkpoint. Four different levels, just like four different years. Only at the end you are finally free.

by Thomas McHale

Nyttheim is an isometric survival game in which the player control a group of villagers fleeing across the wilderness from an oncoming undead horde. The game starts close to sunset, but when night falls skeletons begin arriving to attack the villagers. In order to cross the wilderness, players must navigate the woods, cut through thick forests, and construct bridges to cross rivers, all while staying just ahead of the undead. Upon arrival at the destination, players are scored based on how long it took them to cross the wilderness and how many villagers survived the journey.

by Alexander Medeiros

Blink is an action rpg (ARPG). The most important technical implementation is that of Unity Networking. On top of that is a beautiful map with sounds of wind blowing through the structures and water near the center of the map. We also have a full set of animations for our character generally called Garf by my friends and I. The player can use 'wasd-spacebar' to move. The mouse also offers increased control over the character. The dragging with the left-mouse button down changes the camera angle, while dragging with the right mouse-button down changes the character's angle. Holding both mouse buttons will make the character move forward. In order to use abilities we can press the numbers 1 and 2 to for blink and firebolt, respectively. Firebolt requires a living enemy target to be casted upon, whereas blink can be used without a target. Blink teleports the player forward 2.5 units. Firebolt hurls a devastating ball of fire towards the enemy dealing 50 damage. In order to target an enemy, the player needs to simply click on the enemy model.

by Christopher Siu

Paletter is a 2D puzzle platformer that makes mostly of Unity's physics engine to create puzzles with dozens of different possible approaches for the player. The objective in each level is to hit all of the switches which activates the goal. This can be completed in any order, but there is emphasis on speed as the player's time is recorded for each level and it displays their best time at the end of each level as well at the end of the game. The game focuses on 4 different modes that the player can enter into: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.

Air mode allows the player to move in any direction they choose. While this is one of the safer ways to travel around, it is much slower than the other modes. There is a very small gravitational force on it if you don't press any direction but essentially you will be hovering in place.

Fire mode at the moment only has a double jump for movement which refreshes every time it touches solid ground. This includes platforms, walls, etc. In addition, it can also shoot a projectile in a straight line forwards. This projectile can activate switches if it hits them but it also is destroyed upon collision with anything else.

Earth mode controls the player's gravity and is much faster compared to the other modes. The drawback to it is that it can be quite tricky to control and finesse through some of the tigher areas of the game. If on solid ground, the player can still move in the axis perpendicular from the current gravity. So if the player has gravity going to the right and they are on a wall, they can move up or down along the wall. As mentioned this mode is mostly used for its speed.

Water mode is in my opinion the most interesting. This mode allows the player to shrink or grow allowing it to move through small gaps or get itself out of small gaps. Also while in this mode, the player will be immune to spikes so they can traverse treacherous terrain easier. The catch is that the player will no longer be able to jump. To compensate, the linear drag or friction is much lower for this mode and the player will gain speed much faster and keep momentum from other modes. This synergizes quite well with Earth mode.

Every level in this game can be beaten, I've tested it. Some of the movement is difficult to master and a few of the switches require some peculiar timings on the mode switches. But other than that, I hope you enjoy playing my little game!

by Samuel Sloate

This game allows you to switch between three perspectives, moving the ground relative to your player, and changing the behavior of the enemies in the game. This mechanic is used to solve various puzzles.

by James Taylor

Your job is to rid a location of ghosts. Get in there and start punching.

Unity MOBA
by Kevin Zhang

This game is the beginning framework for what a MOBA is like, with camera controls, player movement, HUD, and interactions between all objects. While not a fully implemented MOBA, it has the pieces that can come together for one.

Battling Blocks
by Patrick Chidueme

  • The game is set on a 10 x 10 game board
  • The objective of the game is to eliminate all enemy blocks
  • Each side is given a turn to either move their blocks or choose to attack an opposing block
  • The blocks that are originally colored red are the player's blocks
  • The blocks that are colored blue are the enemy blocks
  • The game starts on the player's turn
  • The player can place their blocks on any space not already covered by a block
  • If the player eliminates all opposing blocks they will be sent to a "You Win!" screen
  • If the player's blocks are eliminated they will be sent to a "You Lose" screen
  • The player can also restart the game by pressing the R key on the keyboard
  • The player can also quit the game by pressing the Q key on the keyboard
  • The player's blocks can be moved by first clicking on a block with the left mouse button and clicking on an empty spot on the board with the same button.
  • An enemy block can be attacked by choosing a block to attack with and targeting an opposing block
  • On the enemy's turn it will randomly choose to either move a block or attack a random block

Rift Runners
by Hank Chen

Rift Runners is a 2-player 2D platforming game where the purpose of the game is to stay within the bounds of the camera while maneuvering around the course longer than the other player. The camera will gradually shrink so it is imperative to remember the course of the map and obstacles in order to stay in the lead. For example, there are slow fields and fireballs that litter your way that you should avoid to keep the lead. You can pick up powerups along the way which can either enhance your ability or slow down the other player.

by Max Grable

A Diablo style video game in which movement and attacks are controlled by mouse clicks. Defeat the enemies before they can get to you!

by Michael Scearce

Spectre is a third-person puzzle game. The player controls an incorporeal entity, which can pass through any physical obstacle but is hindered by spectral barriers. The player can possess different inanimate objects in the environment. While possessing a physical object, the spectre can no longer pass through physical barriers, but is free to pass through spectral obstacles. By navigating the map both within and without host objects, and by resolving various puzzles, the player can reach goals and advance.

Spectre is made with Unity, and currently only contains Unity 3D objects. There is currently only one basic level demonstrating some of the core concepts, but there is a lot of potential for expansion. Different host objects can potentially possess a variety of abilities to diversify the types of puzzles and activities within the game.

2D Quidditch
by Victor Yu

  • How to play: Move around using the up/down and left/right keys. Press the 'E' key to attack the dementors. You must wait at least 3 seconds to attack consecutively.
  • The purpose of my game is the same as the game Quidditch described in Harry Potter, which is to catch the Golden Snitch and to simultaneously end up with more points than the other team. The other team consists of 5 ghosts/dementors. 2 of them are programmed to follow you and do damage to you. The other 3 move around from goal to goal, scoring 10 points per each goal. You can kill the 2 black dementors that are chasing you, which will earn you 10 points per kill, but you have to carefully balance your time between getting points by killing dementors and chasing the Snitch. Finally, catching the Snitch earns you 150 points and ends the game, at which point whoever has points between you and the other team is declared the winner.

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