Quantum algorithms (CMSC 858Q, Spring 2017): Final project

The final project for the course will consist of a paper and a short presentation to the class on a topic related to quantum algorithms. In addition to reviewing previous work on your topic, you should aim to identify new research directions; outstanding projects will include some original research contributions. A list of suggested topics will be provided, but you are free to choose a topic not on that list. Each student should have a unique topic. Please discuss your project with me and send an email message confirming your choice of topic to amchilds@umd.edu by March 9.

You will have 20 minutes to give your presentation, with 5 minutes for questions. Presentations will be scheduled during the last several class meetings.

Your paper is due by May 11. It should be typeset in LaTeX and submitted by email as a PDF file. There are no length requirements, but as a rule of thumb, your paper should probably be around 10 pages.

Suggested topics

The following is a list of some potential topics, with one or two key references for each. Of course, this list is necessarily incomplete. New topics may be added as the term progresses, and you are also welcome to choose a topic not on this list.


Thursday, April 27
12:30–12:55 Yuan Su Entanglement in measurement-based quantum computing
12:55–1:20 Troy Sewell Tensor networks for approximating manifold invariants
1:20–1:45 Eddie Schoute Query and time complexity of the triangle problem
Tuesday, May 2
12:30–12:55 Shih-Han Hung Synthesis of multiqubit Clifford+T circuits
12:55–1:20 Aniruddha Bapat Quantum property testing of groups
1:20–1:45 Aaron Ostrander Span programs and ST connectivity
Thursday, May 4
12:30–12:55 Abhinav Deshpande Quantum algorithms for finding thermal states
12:55–1:20 Sunandita Patra Quantum walk speedup of backtracking algorithms
1:20–1:45 Alireza Seif Universal quantum emulator
Tuesday, May 9
12:30–12:55 Tongyang Li Quantum machine learning
12:55–1:20 Andrew Guo Modern Hamiltonian simulation methods applied to quantum chemistry
Thursday, May 11
12:30–12:55 Keyi Liu Generalized state preparation in simulation of field theories

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