University of Maryland

CMSC 411 Computer Architecture, Spring 2018

Current Announcements
  • The course piazza page is your exclusive source for course information. TA office hours, additional resources and essential course information will appear on All questions will be answered on piazza to ensure all students have equal access to the information. So add yourself to piazza asap.
  • Be sure to make yourself aware of University Policies.
Latest Project Specification
Course Essentials
Course Content
  • Tentative Syllabus.
  • Social Quizzes : at least 7 (seven) in-class exercises, at least 4 announced. (5%)
Major Scheduled Grading Events
  • Two 75 minute Tests: T1 (3/8), T2 (4/19) (28% each)
  • Cumulative Final Exam: 5/18/18 Room TBD. (2 hours) (39%)  

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