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Final Projects

These are videos of the final projects for CMSC 425, Spring 2018. The ordering is random.

Viola Villain
by Edward Borders

Ever wanted to show off that you play the most insulted instrument in the orchestra? Look no further than Viola Villain, a short "Guitar Hero"-like game that lets you put your alto prowess to the test. Use your left hand to choose your note, and your right to choose the string. Can you get the fortissimo score?

Hit or Die
by Jenish Kanani and Bradford Chessin

A fun to play multiplayer game that allows you to spawn around a large map and try to battle for survival. Navigate your way in a large medieval city or in the large industrial park to try to gain a competitive advantage over your opponent. in order In order to win you must locate the other player, and kill them first by using the gun your player is equipped with. Don't forget to use the environment to your advantage!

Hang Glider VR
by Brian McDevitt

Hang Glider VR lets you fly through the air on a hang glider without leaving the comfort of your room. Using the Oculus Rift the user controls a virtual hang glider with the use of the touch controllers in order to steer themselves through the air. They must fly through a set of rings without crashing into obstacles in order to complete each level. There are 3 objective based levels and one free roaming level which lets the player freely fly around an island.

Sunken Defense
by Brian Lee and Malik Hijazi

Sunken defense is a single player game motivated by StarCraft. There are three main entities that participate in the game. Firstly, there are enemies that spawn at one end of the map, try to avoid obstacles and get to the end zone. Secondly, there is an end zone at the other end of the map that is the target destination of the enemies. Lastly, there are different types of defense structures that are used to stop the enemies from getting to the end zone. The objective of the game is for the player to place the different types of defense structures to stop enemy waves from reaching the end zone.

The Caravan
by Jesse Pai and Alexander Zhang

The goal of the game is to drive a vehicle across a procedurally generated land and locate the goal. Throughout the journey, the player will encounter zombies which are spawned at random points across the map. The zombies will focus on looking for the vehicle and will try to destroy it by running at it and blowing up, dealing damage. In order to defend the vehicle, the player will need to collect various resources and build turrets which can attack the incoming zombies. The challenge in the game is balancing resource management with progression. Although it is possible for the player to make a beeline for the goal, because the levels get progressively harder, it is in the players best interest to build up fortifications and gather resources to progress to the next level.

Block Invaders
by William Bermudez

This game is a hybrid between the popular arcade games Brick Breaker and Space Invaders. Using a paddle and ball, your objective is to traverse through as many levels as you can, racking up tons of points by knocking the ball into colored blocks on screen. Along with that, your paddle can shoot laser that can be used to fight against incoming alien ships that'll be shooting at you. There are also metal blocks located near the top of the screen that you can shoot at to gain extra points! Block break your way to the highest score and take down that space armada!

Pitch Black
by Jee Kang and Andrew Cheung

Pitch Black is a FPS horror survival type of game. The main goal of the game is to escape the current level that is infested with monsters. You must gather lanterns scattered across the level and place them onto barrels. Once all of the barrels are lit, a sound will notify you that the exit is now open. The exit is a red spot on the ground and you must try to find where it is before you get killed. To protect yourself from these monsters, gunshots will stun enemies while burning them up close with a lantern will be a one shot kill. However you must be wise in managing your resources, especially with how many lanterns you have. Use too many lanterns and a countdown will start that results in your death at the end. There is a total of 3 levels to play from.

by Kevin Jordan

Fightscape is a side-scrolling beat 'em up fighting game that plays along a 2D plane in a 3D world. The player must fight (or escape) the incoming enemies and reach the end of the level. The game includes three levels, with a single enemy prefab with simple AI. Along each level there are temporary damage boosts and platforms, as well as challenge areas that require the player to take out a certain number of enemies before proceeding. The player can run, crouch, jump, or throw a light punch or heavy punch (that have different hit stun/damage properties). Both the player and enemy have hitboxes and hurtboxes that will be activated during the attack animation. Fightscape was made in Unity.

William Board
by Noa Chazan and Joseph Pittman

You play as the titular William Board, an image on a billboard who has gained sentience. Though you aren't very fast and can't jump, you do have one key advantage: your mallet-like shape. You have the ability to fling yourself around at great speeds by flipping forwards and backwards, and can hammer straight down to produce a great amount of force. Although you are stuck in the two dimensional world, your actions can influence objects in the three dimensional world. By slamming into billboards, you have the ability to rotate them, slide them, and even knock them down. Using these abilities, you must navigate through the city jumping from billboard to billboard and solving puzzles along the way.

by Brendan Joyce

Archipelago is a one player exploration driven game, where you play as a bird flying around an infinite procedurally generated terrain. There are no goals in Archipelago, rather just one's desire to continue progressing and moving through the world. With over 30 biomes and a rich diversity of different features added to the world you will always discover something new around every turn. This game also makes use of a custom build third person controller that give the player smooth command over the bird's direction and the camera. Once the player bumps into a mountain, falls beneath the waves, or runs into a rock or tree the game is over and you are brought back to the main menu. Islands, biomes, and the terrain itself are formed using several layers of Perlin noise, each seeded to values that the player can select in the game's start menu. So if you want a chill game you can just fly around in for a few, sit back, open up Archipelago, and enjoy the flight.

Jelly Hero
by Chenqian Lin

Jelly Hero is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle game. It is inspired by LocoRoco and Ori. As a player, you will control a character named Jojo that has the ability to transform its body shape to solve puzzles. The character can switch between blob and solid mode. In blob mode, Jojo is soft, and can be reshaped when touching other object, and in solid mode, Jojo can stay in its shape. You will use that ability to explore the world and solve each puzzle.

(NOT) Living Globe
by Sina Mirnejad and Yan-Jen Lo

Living Globe is a Strategy/Resource management game, in which the player tries to maximize the amount of resources used by the inhabitants of the planet. To do so the player needs to plan how to best utilize the interactions between tiles, and their upgrade paths. Location of the villages are also significant, as competition between them could be detrimental or beneficial, depending on how well planed the cities were placed.

Royale with Cheese
by Davis Silverman

Royale with Cheese (stylized with a capital 'W') is a 3rd-person robot-fighting action game. In challenge mode, the player races to find 5 pink pickups for a high-score. In battle bode, two robots face off to look for the pickups. In battle mode, weapons are enabled, and destroying a robot resets their score. First to 5 wins, but for each pickup gained, the player slows, making for easy dispatch.

Damo's Adventure
by Eric Sim, Khanh Nguyen, and Jihoon Ok

Damo's adventure is a top down hack and slash RPG where you can play as Damo, or as Nao. Each character has a basic attack skill, and has skills unique to themselves. The goal of this game is to reach to the end of the map, and kill all the monsters that stand in your way. There are some items along the way that you are able to pick up, such as fruits to restore your health in case your health becomes too low. There are three types of goblins you will encounter on the adventure, a piker, an archer, and a poisoner. At the last part of the map, it is the boss room, where there will be a horde of goblins that you must face and kill all of them in order to beat the level.

TBA: The Battle Arena
by Brian Liu, Jixuan Wang, Jonathan Zhang

The Battle Arena is a 4 v 4 FPS/RTS fusion game in which teams work together to destroy the enemy base. Each team consists of a commander and 3 soldiers. The commander plays the game as an RTS, controlling minions and managing resources. These resources are used to create workers, create fighters, and upgrade the player-controlled soldiers. Soldiers play on the same battlefield as an FPS. They move around the map and assist the commander by taking out enemy minions and defending key areas. They are essential to ensure the commander to safely collect resources, while denying resources to the opponent. Coordination between the commander and the soldiers are essential to controlling these resources and destroying the enemy base.

by Connor Wenck

Barrage is a fast-paced game that takes place on an alien world. Visibility is limited, so you will need to watch your surroundings carefully. A strange species of glowing orbs are attacking you, so you must defend yourself. Destroy as many of them as you can while trying to stay alive. You are equipped with a laser weapon, but it must have sufficient energy stored to fire it. Destroying an orb will give you enough charge to fire another shot. To gain additional charge, you must run around to allow your movement to increase your stored energy. You can use your energy to heal, but be careful since it will drain most of your reserves. Try to stay alive!

by Nick Pesce and William Poling

A 3D, first person, multiplayer, arena game where players destroy the floor and the last one standing wins. Randomly spawning items can be picked up and used. There are four items currently in the game: grenades, "cross" bombs, speed potions (red), and jump potions (yellow). Inspired by the Minecraft mini game "Spleef".

Peachtree Valley
by Tianchu Xie

Is the Fighting Game "dead"? Absolutely not! In the Peachtree Valley, you can experience the "open world" and intense fighting at the same time. In the open world map, you use your left click your mouse to go whatever you want in the valley. After finding and determining the opponent you want to fighter with, just go closer to them. It will bring you to the fighting stage. You can use "WASD" to jump, dunk and walk back and forth, use "space" to Punch, "K" to Kick. And most importantly, use "H" to HADOKEN. I bring you with different level of the difficulties and different opponents and stage inside this Peachtree Valley.

Labyrinth: Into the Abyss
by Daniel Menendez and Greg Baroni

You've washed up on an island miles away from civilization. There is nothing around, save for a path leading up a hill. Even though you need to be searching for a way off the island, something compels you to follow the path. After all, it could mean that there's civilization nearby. As you follow the road you see a lake and an entryway. There's no civilization to be found, and the entrance ahead looks ominous. Caution compels you away but something darker entices you to go, into the entryway, into the Labyrinth.

Battle Bots
by Usman Nadeem and Noah Zingler

Battle Bots is a First-Person-Shooter with upgrading and NPC squad mechanics. The player leads a squad of up to 3 unique bots (Shooter, Engineer, Brawler) and battles against other bots. The squad must destroy all the enemies to advance to the next level. Each ally bot will be independent and loosely follow the player to provide support, whether that be additional firepower, repairs, or drawing fire. An upgrade system will allow for the player to upgrade themselves and their fellow squad bots between levels with scrap. The scrap for these upgrades is gained by eliminating enemies and grabbing scrap pickups.

Terp Tower Defense
by Ben Abshire, Suhas Amireddy, and Tommy Nguyen

Terp Tower Defense is a tower defense game where waves of bugs are trying to eat the plants at the end of your garden. Buy and upgrade turret to defend against the increasing wave size of enemies. Earn money by killing those pests to increase your defenses against future waves of stronger bugs. Beware of the flying mosquitos that require a different kind of strategy of defense. Survive for as long as you can.

by Akshay Dadhwal

Dungeon crawling Roguelike with randomly generated levels and tough enemies. If you die you have to start over following the Roguelike pattern. Proceed from level to level by collecting enough gold to pay at the hole to the next level.

by Patrick Freed

Regency is a tile based roguelike/survival/troop management game. It has two main views: local area (similar to Dwarf Fortress) and global area (for macro movements and planning, similar to Mount and Blade: Warband). At the beginning of the game, you start with a single character. The basic objective is to expand your faction by recruiting other characters encountered in the world. Each character will have their own personality, name, strengths/weaknesses, and quirks (like Darkest Dungeon). With increased manpower you can gather more resources, build bigger settlements, and defeat larger enemies/other factions. The gameplay largely consists of micromanaging the various members of your faction to ensure their survival (gathering resources, building things), moving throughout the larger world to recruit new members/discover new areas, and combat.

Fight and Flight
by Thomas Harris

Fight and Flight is a casual combat flight simulator with a twist: you are a bird, trying to peck the enemy to death! Climb, dive, and maneuver into position to strike the enemy down, but don't run into the ground or let them get on your tail! Touching them with the beak will result in a point for you and a respawn for them, running into the ground doesn't change the score, but does respawn you. There's no score limit - play until you get bored!

Pitch Black
by Jee Kang and Andrew Cheung

Pitch Black is a FPS horror survival type of game. The main goal of the game is to escape the current level that is infested with monsters. You must gather lanterns scattered across the level and place them onto barrels. Once all of the barrels are lit, a sound will notify you that the exit is now open. The exit is a red spot on the ground and you must try to find where it is before you get killed. To protect yourself from these monsters, gunshots will stun enemies while burning them up close with a lantern will be a one shot kill. However you must be wise in managing your resources, especially with how many lanterns you have. Use too many lanterns and a countdown will start that results in your death at the end. There is a total of three levels to play from.

by Colin McNulty

Gateways is a 3D physics-based fps puzzle platformer in which the player can place two connected gateways on certain walls in the environment to help them get from the start of the level to the end. It is technically not Portal.

Trail to Victory
by William Barteck and Alex Ma

Trail to Victory is a classic-inspired First person shooter. Drawing influence from the original Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, and Medal of Honor, the game aims to have a nostalgic feel and aesthetic, with a semi-satirical, alternate history tone influenced by recent Wolfenstein games.

Nightmares and Zombies
by Noah Becker and Brian Mitchell

Our game is a simple third person survival shooter. Zombies attack in waves; kill them to advance to the next wave. Survive as long as possible! In our game, the environment that you fight in is procedurally generated so every wave is different. In a given wave we generate where to place the walls in the arena and then randomly spawn environment objects like trees and rocks around the open space. The result is unique levels every time you play! The game ends when the player dies. The player takes damage in the form of melee attacks from the zombies and the zombies get progressively stronger. The player recovers health after each wave, but the amount of health recovered per wave decreases until you no longer recover health between waves.

Delightfully Bouncy Laser Tanks
by Jason Fields

3rd-person multiplayer tank warfare game: 2-player splitscreen, charge shots with R1, try to knock your opponent off!

by Bryan Ross, Greg Segala, and Nate Montague-Smith

Oubliette is a multiplayer dungeon crawler. There will be randomly generated levels for players to transverse in a single competitive match. The game will be a top down third person game. Oubliette is a French word that means a secret room or dungeon which is accessible via a trapdoor above. Players will have to traverse the dungeon, search for the trapdoor on each level, and race to the bottom. Each level will be procedurally generated and consist of a maze with many rooms. There are different items on the levels like swords, potions with random abilities, and enemies to stop you on those same levels. These items will grant the wielder a buffs or ability. Players will be capable of combating and killing enemy players and NPCs. At the bottom, players will face the boss dragon in order to win the game. The dragon has capabilities of fire breathing, flying, and leaving a burning trail behind him.

Element Escape
by Lena Amano

Element Escape is a short 3D point and click style escape the room puzzle game. Four keys have been hidden around the room for you to find, each loosely corresponding to Air/Fire/Water/Earth themed colors and puzzles.

by Albert Nam and Brian Kim

A third-person shooter with "Fortnite" inspired building mechanics. Build structures (Q, E, F) to keep yourself away from the self-destructing monkey things. Or shoot laser rockets (1) out of your sunglasses to blow them up.

by Satvik Pendem

Mythos is a mythology themed turn based game with the goal of capturing all the opponent's pieces on the board. The sprites represent various mythological characters such as Athena or Quetzalcoatl with various move sets. The game is 2D in Unity with randomized levels of varying pieces that they can choose from, or go to a fully random game with two rows of pieces that are chosen at random for both players at the beginning. The move-sets are more equal as opposed to chess, meaning that many pieces can move forward, back, left, right and diagonally unlike the pieces in chess, yet they have a limited range for movement, such as only three squares. When one player attacks all the enemy pieces, they win.

Escape the Room
by Robert Hoff

Escape the Room is a cross between an infinite runner like jetpack joyride and classic arcade games like time-crisis. You must avoid enemies by shooting them or jumping over them. As time goes on, enemies spawn more frequently. Crouch to reload, but when you do, an enemy soldier may fall from above and start shooting you. Killing enemies earns you points. Getting shot or running into an enemy takes away one life. Press jump again while in the air to double jump.

Cheating Simulator
by Jack Dai and Jack Qian

Cheating Simulator is a two player game where one player is a teacher and another is a student and each have different goals to win. The student must cheat on the test by looking at other students test and copying their answers onto their own test. If the student gets all of the questions correct without getting caught, they win. The teacher must catch the student or prevent them from answering all of the questions. If the teacher selects the cheating student or the student is unable to answer all of the questions correctly, then the teacher wins. The student is able to move around and look at the answers of other students. The teacher can also move around, but at a slower rate and if another student asks the teacher a question, they are forced to answer that student's question before going back to searching for the cheating student.

Top: Student view. Bottom: Teacher view

Dungeon Escape
by Kevin Halliday and Kira Vasquez

Dungeon escape is a 3D escape-the-room type game. The goal is to move through the 3 puzzle rooms, completing each puzzle in each room before moving to the next. Once you reach the throne room, you have won.

Sonic Silhouette
by Grant Wigfield

A 2D platformer in the style of the Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega Genesis. Run, jump, and roll through three levels as you try to collect all 10 of the level's rings. Make sure not to fall off the level before doing so, though! This game supports both keyboard controls and gamepad controls. Keyboard users can use either WASD or arrow keys to run/roll and Space to jump. Gamepad users can use either the analog stick or D-Pad to run/roll and the A button to jump. Slopes affect both player velocity and jump trajectory, so in order to complete levels as quickly as possible, one needs to keep level terrain in mind!

Custom Robots
by Aaron Bloom

A multiplayer fighting game where players build their fighters by selecting a robot body, legs, and weapons. The parts chosen give the robots different health, jump height, dash distance, and attack styles.

The Monster Hunter
by Abdullah Alshabeeb, Mamdouh Elgamal, and Dennis Reyes

The monster hunter is a first-person shooter game where the player can shoot at the enemy using different types of weapons. The enemy will reduce the health when they hit the player. Run away from the monsters and keep the health high and bullets ready by picking up the pickups (try to look carefully for these pickups because they are hidden). Enjoy playing in our factory and I hope you can beat the boss monster in the final level.

Dungeon Clearer
by Ben Bissett

Dungeon Clearer is a turn based combat game in which you progress through levels and defeat enemies and level up. Defeat the boss at the end of each level and clear all the floors to be victorious.

Alien Extinction Tower Defense
by James Clingerman

"Alien Extinction Tower Defense" is a strategic Tower Defense game. The objective is to strategically place down Towers around the paths in order to stop the aliens from returning to their mother-ship. On the mother ship there are green blobs which are trying to deactivate the ship, and when an alien hits the ship they destroy the blob. There is a set number of waves in which you must beat. Once the waves are over, you have made the alien race EXTINCT!

Fox Run
by William Gong

A 2D Unity based single player platforming game. Drawing inspiration from three games, Ori The Blind Forest, Hollow Knight, and Mario Odyssey. Animations and Images are taken from Unity Asset Store. The game will start with the main character with only basic abilities, like single jump, throwing projectile, and regular movement. To reach the end will have a wide variety of difficulties through platforming challenges. In addition, there are difficult to reach collectables that gives points to the player.

Road Rage
by Saurav Das, Jules Iglesia, and Charles Liu

Road Rage is a competitive 3D action game with vehicular-based gameplay. It features two-player splitscreen where players control their respective vehicles from a third-person perspective. The main objective is to get the other player to fall off the map, either by knocking them off with our modified physics-based collisions or by destroying the floor below with projectiles. The first player to accomplish this three times is deemed the winner. Face your friends or your enemies across multiple maps coupled with an original soundtrack playing in the background. Vehicles come in several vibrant colors to make this road rage experience as enjoyable as possible.

Infinite Arcade
by Brendan Lawler and Alexander Zhang

Infinite Arcade is an infinite dodging game, similar to the early 2000's online hit Cubefield. The longer you survive in the game, the higher your score. But the twist is, instead of dying upon colliding with an obstacle, you get a chance to redeem yourself with a randomly selected minigame. Play Breakout, Space Invaders, Dodge, or Avoid. If you win you keep going, but if you lose in the minigame you lose in the main game! The more redemptions you need in one life, the harder the minigames get.

by Dennis Raykhel

A 2D, top-down twin stick shooter survival game. The player must search around for weapons and ammo to fight off the hordes that spawn at night. Once the night is over, players have a chance to recuperate and prepare for the next night. The game constantly generates around the player, meaning that resources are infinite. However, the game increases in difficulty as the rounds increase.

Neon Streets
by Adam Smith

Neon Streets is 2.5D shooter/platformer set in the cyberpunk world of Z City. Gameplay features interactive terminals capable of parsing text input, which are used to interact with the game world.

by Jack Saylor and Kyle Foster

There are two players who control their own LightBike: the human player (blue bike) and the enemy AI (red bike). Each LightBike leaves a trail of walls. Using the left and right arrow keys, navigate your bike to avoid the walls (the boundary walls, the enemy's trail, and your own trail) and stay alive longer than the enemy's bike to win.

by Rachel Hewitt

This game is a sheep herding simulation. Left to their own devices, the sheep graze around the field wherever they want to go. Clicking on a point causes the sheep to flock to that point on the map, before returning to grazing.

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