CMSC 434 - Section 0301 - Spring 2018
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

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For now, the "recommended" textbook for this course is Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (6th Edition). Its ISBN-13 is 978-0134380384. New and used copies should be available at places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Book Holders near campus. However, there is also an ebook version for $24 from Person directly that looks like a great deal.

This is the 6th edition, and the authors indicated that they have updated many things, and the table of contents reflects reorganization of some of the topics and adding of others. When I mention option related readings in class, I will refer to the chapter and section titles of the 6th edition but there is overlap with the 5th edition. Some of the things in the 5th edition are in different places and there are some new things in the 6th edition, but I think for the types of readings that would be optional from DTUI and the goals, it feels like the 5th edition could be ok too. I'd say if you have a strong interest in HCI, it might be more worthwhile having the newer one since reading beyond just what I cover could be useful in a larger scope.

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