CMSC 389E:
Digital Logic Design Through Minecraft

  • Spring 2020
  • Instructors: Akilesh Praveen, Ashwath Krishnan
  • F 2:00-2:50 in ESJ B0320

Announcements for the class will mainly done through Piazza. Projects will be submitted/graded through the UMD CS submit server. Grading will be handled through ELMS.

Week Lecture Project Resources
1 Introduction slides Tutorial Island pdf Minecraft Controls link
Redstone Basics cheat sheet
Setup/Installation piazza post
2 Logic Gates slides Arithmetic Logic Unit: Basic Logic Gates pdf
Project 1 Checkpoint Form form
What is an ALU? link
Minecraft Basic Logic Gate Guide video
video link
3 Adders, Decoders, Encoders slides Project 2 pdf Compact Full Adder video
Encoders and Decoders link
4 Multipliers slides Project 3 pdf More on Combinatorial Multipliers link
Stackoverflow: 'What is Two's Complement' link
5 Multiplexers & Demultiplexers slides Project 4 pdf Multiplexer video
Output Buses video
6 Introduction to Memory (ROM) slides NA NA
Spring Break + Readiness Week (COVID-19) Be Safe! Remain Indoors! Play Minecraft!
8 Sequential Programming, Latches, Flip Flops slides Study for Midterm! Lecture 4/3 video
10 ROM + Assembly in Minecraft slides Project 5 pdf Lecture 4/16 video