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CMSC 420 - 0101
Data Structures
Spring 2021
Dave Mount

Course Description

Description, properties, and storage allocation functions of data structures including balanced binary trees, B-Trees, hash tables, skiplists, tries, kd-trees and quadtrees. Algorithms for manipulating structures. Applications from areas such as string processing, computer graphics, information retrieval, computer networks, computer vision, and operating systems.

Online Structure

The course will be mostly asynchronous, with the following exceptions:

All other aspects of the course should be accessible to enrolled students operating anywhere on Earth, assuming you have Internet access. In particular, exam and quiz times and submission due dates will span at least a 24-hour window.

Class Time

Tue, Thu 11:00am-12:15pm EDT/EST. (Lectures will be online via Zoom and recordings made available.)

Course Staff

Name Role Contact
Dave Mount Instructor mount@umd.edu
Hong-Min Chu Graduate TA hmchu@cs.umd.edu
Nakul Garg Graduate TA nakul22@umd.edu
MG Hirsch Graduate TA mghirsch@umd.edu
Abhishek Kumar Graduate TA akumar09@umd.edu
Shuhao Tan Graduate TA shuhao@umd.edu

Office Hours

Office hours will be held through Zoom meetings. If you cannot make the scheduled office hours, please feel free to contact any of us by email to set up an alternative time. We all allocate one hour per week for unscheduled office hours.

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