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July 25 I've sent the preliminary grades to the official folks. I will update the final, final grades later on once I get back.

July 24 Looks like the project grades are going to get delayed more than expected. I will be out of town for a while (this was planned out a while ago), and will handle the project grades when I get back. In the meanwhile, if you passed the course, I will send in the unofficial grades. These grades may go up based on project grades.

July 19 OK, I've sent out preliminary grades by email. Hopefully everyone who took the final has it. Basically, your grades can only be helped by the project, at least, if you submitted P2. If you did not submit P2, then I will deduct 1/3 of a letter grade unless you are already at a C-, in which case, it will remain a C-. Your projects are not guaranteed to help. In particular, if you have an A+, A, or F, the projects probably won't do much for you (but won't hurt either).

Project grades are being computed...

July 18 Now, I'm relaxed...serene, breathe in and out. OK, so the exams were pretty bad, and I attribute that partly to difficult exam, partly to summer schedule, and partly due students to not keeping up with the material. I will compute preliminary grades soon, so please be a little more patient. Most stuff should be done Monday-ish. At least, the initial grades will give you something.

July 18 I totalled scores for the final, and it was absolutely horrendous. You're responsible for spending about 2 hours or so, per lecture understanding every nuance of the lecture, working out problem after problem after problem (make up your own!).

If I talk about cache, and talk about single bus architecture, you need to do problems! It seems like some of you left lecture, and never studied. The people who did the best, you know, studied, and did work! Don't just code the projects! Devote at least an hour to the course a day. I'm not sure many of you did that. You should think of that next time you take summer courses.

I will have to sit and think about what grade to give, so that will take me a few hours to recover and assign grades. Remember, this is preliminary. Your projects can still help you out.

July 17 I should be totalling grades by this evening and emailing out preliminary scores. (As of 8 PM, I have all the it's a matter of totalling and thinking about cutoffs---if scores aren't ready tonight, they should be by the morning). At this point, it'll be the morning...

July 16 Grades still being computed. The exam grades should be ready Wednesday. I will try to email them sometime tomorrow. Project grades will take a few days longer. In general, you can only do better than the grade than your exam grades only (with some minor exceptions, such as not completing P2).

July 12 P3 now submittable. It takes the same command line arguments as P2 (thus, you must have gotten P2 primary to work, before submitting P3). Make sure you have a README indicating how to run your program, plus some secondary files to show that your project works. You can schedule a demo if you want.

READ P3 clarifcations for details from now on.

July 10 Additions to P3 now available. I will see if I can post SOME final exam solutions by morning.

July 9 Solutions to Exam 2 of this semester posted.

July 7 For the time being, converting sample.file and sample.output to primary.file and primary.output. You should be able to submit the project now. Please read Project #2 Clarifications for details.

July 6 Another correction to P2. Please read Project #2 Clarifications.

July 6 Final exam from Spring 2002 posted.

July 6 Project #3 posted. A few more details are needed, and should be ready by end of Saturday. However, you should get some idea of how to get started.

July 6 Logical operators are zero-extended, not sign-extended. See Project 2 clarifications.

July 5 Corrections to primary.input, sample.output. Read README.updates to see what's new.

July 4 More up-to-date sample.output posted. Read clarifications on P2.

July 2 Sample file and sample output posted. Very rudimentary, but allows you to get some idea of what you need to run the code.

July 1 Java versions of files. This is in ~/Proj/P2/Files.

June 30 Added details about software interrupts to P2 description.

June 29 Added some files on RegisterFile, Memory (in C++). Should have a Java version soon. If you wish to modify, let me know in which way.

June 27 Working on software interrupts...more to come.

June 27 Project 2 posted (still a little more to come).

June 25 Corrections to P1 primary output. See README.updates in Proj/P1 posting account. Let me know if you see anything else.

June 25 Primary for P1 posted. This has been hand-edited, so there may be errors. Send email to:

As a neat convenience, python has a hex calculator. To start python, you may need to run on WAM. Just type "python" and hit return, and you are in python mode.

Basically, if you type hex(10), it converts to hex (even to octal). You can even do hex(0xc+ 12) which adds hex 0xc to base 10 value, 12, and prints the hex sum.

To quit out of python, type Ctrl-D (control D).

June 24 Exam 2 Solutions from Spring 2002 posted. Primary should be up sometime this evening (maybe late-ish). Expect it to look something like the example in the project description. It may also have comments, etc. Due date pushed to Wednesday, 6 PM.

TA will hold office hours TUESDAY (yes, like 9 hours from now) before class from 9:30-11 AM

June 21 Put Exam 2 (Spring 2002) and Exam 1 Solutions (Summer 2002) in Exam directory of posting account. Also, list of topics for Exam 2. Exam 2, next Friday (June 28, 2002).

June 21 Tutorials link works (links to CMSC 311, Spring 2002, webpage).

June 16 Even newer version of P1 available (as of 11 AM, Sunday). Primary coming by Monday-ish.

June 15 Newer version of P1 available. Still writing more on the description.

June 14 An early version of P1 is available. I will complete more details later this evening, but take a read now to get an idea of what's going on.

June 12 Various solutions now available in the posting account. Go to ~ch1101 and look at HW, Tutorial, Exam subdirectories.

June 11 Primary posted. You should be able to submit. See "Clarifications" on how to submit.

First corrections. See Clarifications

June 10 More notes on P0. Project 0 is extended until Wednesday night, but try to get it submitted Tuesday so you have time to prepare for the exam.

June 9 Still working on several things. I hope to get a primary by tonight, but it's looking like tomorrow.

June 8 Project 0 Clarifications updated. Click on Project 0 link, then on "Clarifications". Primary should be ready by Sunday. It should be fairly simple. You can submit your project sometime Monday (at the earliest) once instructions have been posted to do so.

June 5 Project 0 is posted (latest posting: 2:30 PM). Syllabus available soon.

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