CMSC 330
Organization of Programming Languages
Summer 2006
July 24
Pseudo final exam posted.
July 21
Lecture 21 posted.
July 19
Lecture 20 and project 5 posted.
July 17
As decided in class today, the Project 4 due date is now Wednesday July 26, but no project 4 submissions will be accepted after that date. A new version of project 4 with the new due date and a new definition of solve has been posted. Project 5 will be posted on Wed July 19 and project 5 will not be accepted after Sunday July 30.
July 16
Lecture 18 and 19 slides posted.
July 11
I added Prolog and Java links.
July 10
I revised project 4. The previous definition of solve was wrong. Lecture 16 posted.
July 09
Lecture 15 slides posted.
July 07
I posted the midterm 2 solutions and project 4 (due Tuesday July 18).
July 03
I posted some midterms from previous semesters.
June 30
Pseudo-midterm 2 posted. Lecture 13 slides posted.
June 28
I posted two homeworks on grammars. Besides that, make sure you read the forum for important information regarding changes to project 2 and 3 deadlines and late penalties.
June 24
Project 3 posted. Lecture 10 and 11 slides posted.
June 21
Lecture 9 slides posted. Solutions to midterm 1 posted. The graded exams will be returned in lecture tomorrow.
June 19
I posted the slides for Lecture 8 and a homework on DFA and NFA from the previous semester. I changed project 2 due date to Friday.
June 16
I posted a sample of what midterm 1 will look like. Make sure you know how to solve all the questions there before the exam.
June 15
I made some minor fixes to homework 1 and posted previous semester's exam.
June 13
Project 2 posted (due Thursday, June 22). Also remember that project 1 is due tonight (June 13).
June 12
Homework 1 (regular expressions) posted. Lecture notes on regular expressions (lecture 4) and lecture 5 also posted.
June 07
Lecture 3 posted.
June 05
Project 1 posted (due Tuesday, June 13). Lecture 2 posted. Office hours start tomorrow (Tuesday).
June 02
Syllabus and lecture 1 slides posted.
June 01
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Instructor Guilherme Fonseca Tue 2-3pm, Thu 11am-1pm 1112
TA Hyoungjune Yi Mon & Fri: 1-2:30pm 1112