CMSC 250
Discrete Structures
Spring 2007
July 30th
Final grades are now posted!  Thanks again for a great class.  If you have any further comments or suggestions for improvements please email me.  Also, I do have HW #13 and a couple Exam #2s if you'd like to pick them up.  If you would like to come see (but not keep) your final we can make arrangements for that as well.  Best wishes to all!
July 23th
The Final Exam will be Friday July 27th from 9:3010:55am.  (My request to allow you more time was denied.)
July 17th
HW12 will be posted tomorrow (and due this Friday), please check back tomorrow.  Also, corrections on Exam #2 will be due on Monday, July 23rd at the beginning of class.
July 16th
HW11 typo's hints: #11 should be asking about function C.  Remember when trying to prove 1:1 and onto to use the definitions.  Sometimes it is easiest to show items are equal (1:1) when looking at how things are constructed.  Also, look at the definition of the functions to see if the onto properties can be met, show how, or how not.
July 9th
The instructor's office has been changed to 3204.  He will be there during office hours from now on.
July 4th
Remember no class today.  Have a great holiday!
June 29
HW #8 (PDF) has been posted.  It is due Tuesday, July 3rd!
June 27
HW #7, Exercise 2 a, there should be a minus sign before the 1/6 (e.g. - 1/6).  The PDF available online now reads correctly.
June 21
The review slides are up!  I also included an answer for the proof we didn't finish in class.
June 11
  • HW #3 Typo Problem 4C should be converting from base ten to base 2 (two's complement)
  • For proofs please use names as described on "cheatsheet" (e.g. conjunctive simplification instead of specialization; disjunctive addition instead of generalization)
  • HW #3 will be due Wednesday, June 13th
June 7
Important dates/deadlines:
Schedule Adjustment: June 4th until June 12th
Last day to drop with a 70% refund: June 12th
Last day to drop with a 50% refund: June 21st
Last day to drop with a 20% refund: July 2nd
Last day to drop with a W: July 9th
Last day to drop with a WW: July 27th
June 4
The instructor, Jerry Fails will not be in class June 5-7, Arkady Yerukhomovich will be substituting; the instructor will also not have office hours on Thursday June 7 because he will be out of town
June 1
Class starts on Monday, June 4th!!!
Staff Name Office
(A.V. Williams)
Office hours
Instructor Jerry Fails 3204, Desk 6 fails (*) M Th 11 am - 12 noon (or by appointment)
TA Walid Gomaa 3212, Desk 4 walid (*) M Th 12 noon - 1 pm (or by appointment)

(*) Please refer to the discussion in the syllabus and office hours handouts regarding email.