CMSC 330, Summer 2010

Organization of Programming Languages


Important announcements related to the course will be posted here. Please check this page daily.

  • July 22 - Final Exam tomorrow--Good luck!

  • July 19 - Bryan's office hours for Monday, July 20 have been rescheduled for the same time Tuesday, July 21 (12pm-2pm). Bryan will also have extended office hours on Wednesday, July 22 from 11am-4pm.

  • July 9 - Project 5 posted online here It will be due midnight, Wednesday July 21.

  • July 9 - Project 4 deadline extended to Wednesday, July 14 at midnight.

  • June 28 - Office Hours updates: Bryan will not hold office hours today, and will reschedule them for the same time (12-2pm) on Tuesday, June 29. Amy will not have office hours Thursday, July 1, but will be available by appointment on Wednesday.

  • June 24 - Project 3 posted online here It will be due midnight, Friday July 2.

  • June 21 - Quiz 1 solutions posted online here.

  • June 15 - New Project 2 starter file posted online (fa.rb). This file has the dotfile method implemented, which may be useful for debugging.

  • June 10 - Project 2 posted online here. It will be due midnight, Friday, June 25.

  • June 10 - Project 1 deadline moved to 10pm, Saturday, June 12 because of CS department maintenance. Late projects will be accepted until Monday, June 14 at midnight.

  • June 7 - Amy's office hours are cancelled today because of illness. Bryan will have his regularly scheduled office hours from 12-2pm.

  • June 4 - Project 1 deadline moved to midnight, Saturday, June 12 due to technical difficulties.

  • June 3 - Project 1 posted online here. It will be due midnight, Friday, June 11. Submit server is ready for submissions. You will get 3 tokens per day for the release tests, so start testing early!

  • June 3 - Get your Linuxlab accounts from the grades server

  • May 27 - Wednesday, June 2 will be a LECTURE class on Ruby, not discussion. Discussion sections will start Friday, June 4.

  • May 25 - Class website is up and running!
    First day of class: June 1--9:30-10:50am, CSI 2107.


Name Office E-mail Office Hours
(also available by appointment)
Amy Sliva Will meet in TA room MTTh 11am-12pm
Bryan Robbins Will meet in TA room M 12pm-2pm, WF 11am-1pm


Course Description A study of programming languages, including their syntax, semantics, and implementation. Several different models of languages are discussed, including procedural (Ruby), functional (OCaml), and object-oriented (Java). Language features such as formal syntax, scoping and binding of variables, higher-order programming, typing and type polymorphism, and object inheritance are explored.
Lecture Location CSI 2107
Lecture Times Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9:30-10:50am
Discussion Location CSI 2107
Discussion Times Wednesday and Friday 9:30-10:50am
Textbooks There are no required or recommended texts. See the resources page for useful online links.