CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Summer 2011

Fear the Turtle!


07/31/11   The lecture slides for the inheritance material are posted here. (Use the same login ID and password that you use to access the study questions.)

07/31/11   Project #7 has been posted. This is the last one, so do a good job on it!

07/23/11   Project #6 has been posted.

07/15/11   Project #5 has been posted.

07/07/11   Project #4 has been posted.

06/25/11   Project #3 has been posted.

06/16/11   Project #2 has been posted. I will go over a few details about this project in Friday's lecture.

06/10/11   There is a way to have Eclipse automatically draw a vertial line in the editor at exactly the 80th column. (That way you can easily check that your lines are all less than 80 characters long, which is our requirement for this course.) Try this: Right-click inside the editor, then choose Preferences, General, Editors, Text Editors. You'll see a checkbox called "show print margin". Check this box, and enter the value 80 in the box below that says Print margin column.

06/10/11   Project #1 has been posted. To view the project description, click the "Projects" option on the menu to the left.

05/30/11  Be sure to check this page from time to time (I recommend daily) for important course announcements.  The more recent messages will appear at the top of the page.

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