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Course Schedule

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Keep in mind that the slides may not include all the material discussed in lecture. You are responsible for any material we present in lecture, even if it does not appear in the posted slides.

GLM Building

CMSC 216 Schedule (Subject to Change)
    Week     Topics Reading Slides Work
cmsc132 Schedule
Week #1
(May 31)
Intro, C Lang I Bryant: Ch 1
Reek: Ch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
01-Course-Introduction.pdf 02-Introduction-to-C.pdf Tue May 31 (Classes Start)
Week #2
(Jun 6)
C Lang II, C Lang III, Arrays Reek: Ch 8, 9 03-Introduction-to-C.pdf 04-Introduction-to-C.pdf 05-Arrays-and-Structures.pdf P1 Out (Thu/Jun 10)
Quiz #1 (Fri/Jun 11)
Week #3
(Jun 13)
Strings and Structures, Structures and I/O, I/O and Pointers Reek: Ch 10 06a-Pointers-Intro.pdf 06b-Pointers-CmdlineArgs.pdf 07-IO.pdf P1 Due (Thu/Jun 16)
P2 Out (Thu/Jun 16)
Quiz #2
Week #4
(Jun 20)
Pointers and Make I, Make II, Dynamic Memory Allocation 08-Pointers-and-Make.pdf 09-Make.pdf Quiz #3 (Fri/Jun 24)
Week #5
(Jun 27)
Dynamic Structures, GDB/Emacs, Midterm I Reek: Ch 6 10-DynamicStructures.pdf 10b-GDB-Misc.pdf P2 Due (Tue/Jun 28)
P3a Out (Tue/Jun 28)
Midterm I (Thu/Jun 30)
Week #6
(Jul 4)
No Class Monday July 4
Dynamic Memory II, Assembly I
Reek: Ch 11 11-DynamicStructures-Assembly.pdf P3a Due (Thu/Jul 7)
P3b Out (Thu/Jul 7)
Quiz #4 (Fri/Jul 8)
Week #7
(Jul 11)
Assembly II, Assembly III, Assembly IV Bryant: Ch 3, 4.1 12-Assembly.pdf 13-Assembly.pdf 14-Assembly.pdf P3b Due (Sat/Jul 16)
Week #8
(Jul 18)
Assembly V, Assembly VI, Process Control I, Midterm II 15-Process-Control.pdf P4 Out (Mon/Jul 18)
Quiz #5 (Tue/Jul 19)
Midterm II (Fri/Jul 22)
Week #9
(Jul 25)
Process Control II, Process Control III, Process Control IV/Time 16-Process-Control-cont.pdf 17-System-IO.pdf 18-System-IO-cont.pdf P5 Out (Thu/Jul 28)
P4 Due (Fri/Jul 29)
Week #10
(Aug 1)
Function Pointers/Data Representation, Threads I, Midterm III   19-Time-Funct-Pntr.pdf 20-Concurrent.pdf 21-Threads.pdf Midterm III (Fri/Aug 5)
Week #11
(Aug 8)
Threads II/Libraries I, Libraries II, Optimization   22-Threads-cont.pdf 23-Libraries.pdf 24-Optimization.pdf P6 Out (Tue/Aug 10)
P5 Due (Wed/Aug 10)
Week #12
(Aug 15)
The Preprocessor, Heap Management, Final Exam   25-Preprocessor.pdf 26-Heap Management.pdf P6 Due (Wed/Aug 17)
Course Evaluations
Final Exam (Fri Aug 19, 12:30pm-2:30pm)