CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Summer 2012

Fear the Turtle!


07/31/12   Here are links to lecture slides on packages and inheritance.

07/26/12   Project #7 has been posted.

07/19/12   Project #6 has been posted.

07/12/12   Project #5 has been posted.

07/04/12   Project #4 has been posted.

07/02/12   There is no class on Wednesday 7/4 -- it's a national holiday!

07/02/12   Due to power outages the due date for Project #3 has been moved to Thursday, 7/5. The schedule for subsequent projects will not change; in particular, Project #4 will be assigned on Tuesday, 7/3.

06/22/12   Project #3 has been posted!

06/19/12   Many more "study questions" have been posted. If you have forgotten the login ID and password for the study questions, please email me.

06/15/12   Project #2 has been posted! This project will probably take a lot more time than the previous one, so please plan accordingly.

06/11/12   There is a way to have Eclipse automatically draw a vertical line in the editor at exactly the 80th column. (That way you can easily check that your lines are all less than 80 characters long, which is our requirement for this course.) Try this: Right-click inside the editor, then choose Preferences, General, Editors, Text Editors. You'll see a checkbox called "show print margin". Check this box, and enter the value 80 in the box below that says Print margin column.

06/08/12   Project #1 has been posted! Please click the "Projects" link to the left and that will lead you to the project description. If the entire class finishes the project this weekend, then I will bring home-made cupcakes to class on Monday. This is not a drill... We're talking about real cupcakes here. If the entire class finishes the project by Tuesday night, then I will bring ONE cupcake to class on Wednesday and you can all fight over it.

05/30/12   All students who are currently on the wait-list have been granted over-subscriptions for the course. Please attempt to register for the course -- you should be able to get a seat now.

05/28/12   Be sure to check this page from time to time (I recommend daily) for important course announcements.  The more recent messages will appear at the top of the page.

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