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           Your Winterterm paper for CMSC 298M is due at 4pm on Tuesday WEDNESDAY afternoon (January 23rd) and can either be delivered to me in person or placed in my mailbox in room 1105 AVW. The paper should be typed in 12 point font, 2 to 3 pages long (2 will be perfectly fine, more than 3 is acceptable but definitely not required), double spaced (if you prefer single spaced that is fine - I do - and you can then write 1 to 2 pages instead). You should give me a printed version of your paper and make sure to include your name on it. Also note that each member of a team must write their own paper - you can discuss the contents of the paper but it must be an original work (do not just read your partners paper and retranslate it for me).

           What follows are some suggestions of what you should discuss in your paper. Do not give me a series of short answers to these questions, rather write an essay about your project and incorporate the answers to the following questions into that essay. Also you can organize your essay however you want and do not have to cover things in the order they appear below. (note: in the section below, by "your robots" I mean both of your teams robots): Also I want you to rank the effort of your teammate(s) on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being little to no effort and 5 being lots of effort) and briefly describe each teammates main contribution(s) to the project (including your own). Also I want you to rank your own effort on the same scale (1 to 5). You can include this information at the end of your essay or on a separate sheet of paper which you can deliver to me in person or by placing it under my office door (I will be the only one who sees your paper).

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