CMSC 298P - Object-Oriented Programming I for C++ Programmers

Winter 2005


CMSC 298P is a transition course for students who have an object-oriented programming background in C++, and are interested in taking a Java-based CS2 course (e.g., CMSC132).  The goal of the course is to develop skills such as program design and testing as well as the implementation of programs using a graphical IDE. All programming will be done in Java.

This is a challenging course, but it is fun. There will be several programming assignments. Each aims to provide experience with the basic elements of programming such as loops, arrays, and inheritance. The assignments also try to show how programming can be useful and fun, and how even relatively simple constructs can accomplish real tasks. For further information, please see the course syllabus.

Course Coordinator

Name Office
Nelson Padua-Perez   AVW 1129

For office hours and other contact information, visit the contact web page.


Check here regularly (once a day or so) for important announcements.

Tue Jan 25: The final grades have been posted.  This is a pass or fail course.  If you see a P as your letter grade then you passed the course.  I have notified Kim Ozga (undergraduate program coordinator) whether you have passed or failed the course.  I wish you the best.  Take care.  Nelson Padua-Perez 

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