Introduction to Computer Programming for Non-Majors Using JavaScript

Winter 2006



This class introduces students with no previous programming experience to computer programming.  The class emphasizes design principles (e.g., pseudocode, stepwise refinement, object-oriented design) as well as the syntax and semantics of the JavaScript language.  The class is for non-majors interested in obtaining some fundamental computer programming skills. For further information, please see the course syllabus.


Course Coordinator

Name Office
Nelson Padua-Perez   AVW 1129


For office hours and other contact information, visit the contact web page.  For news (announcements) visit the news web page.


News (Announcements)

Important announcements related to the course will be posted on this page.  Make sure you check this page at least once a day.


Wed Jan 25, 11:14 am: Final course grades has been submitted to the registrar's office.  You can check your final exam score and the course letter grade through  If you see any discrepancies between the letter grade submitted to the registrar's office and the grade in, let me know.  Have a good Spring semester.  Nelson


Sat Jan 20, 1:19 pm: Something came up and I will not be able to hold office hours on Monday.  The TA will cover my office hours (12-1) and she will have her office hours from 1-2, as usual.  All the office hours will be held in AVW 1112.  The exam will start at 3:15 pm on Monday Jan 23 as scheduled.


Thu Jan 19, 1:34 pm: Solutions to both midterms can be found though the exams link.


Thu Jan 19, 1:19 pm: Midterm #2 grades are now available through  You have until tomorrow Friday to see the TA regarding any midterm grade claims.


Thu Jan 19, 12:01 pm: Project #4 has been posted.


Wed Jan 18, 8:41 pm: Grades for Project#1,2 and Midterm#1 are available through  If you have any concerns about the grades see the TA by Thursday Jan 19.  No grade claims will be accepted after Thursday.


Wed Jan 12, 8:41 pm: The link to the forum for the class is:  You must register before using the forum (the Register option is on the left side of the forum window).  Remember, do not post any code.


Wed Jan 11, 7:06 pm:  Project #2 has been posted.


Wed Jan 11, 7:06 pm:  A tutorial for the venkman debugger is available at:


Tue Jan 10, 11:55 am:  Please read section 11.1.4 (Converting Strings to Numbers) from the textbook. This section explains how to convert Strings to numbers. 


Tue Jan 10, 8:31 am: The midterm has been postponed until Friday Jan 13. 


Mon Jan 09, 9:21 pm:  The mozilla browser provides a nice JavaScript debugger.  You can download the browser (for free) at .  I will go over the debugger in class.


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