Introduction to PHP, MySQL, and Apache

Winter 2007



This class provides an introduction to the development of Web-based applications using PHP, MySQL, and Apache. The course will focus on the PHP programming language. Previous programming experience (e.g., cmsc131 or equivalent) is a requirement for this class.  For further information, please see the course syllabus.


Course Coordinator




Nelson Padua-Perez  

AVW 1129


For office hours and other contact information, visit the contact web page.  For news (announcements) visit the news web page.


News (Announcements)

Important announcements related to the course will be posted on this page.  Make sure you check this page at least once a day.


Tue Jan 16, 8:30 am: Project #3 posted.


Mon Jan 15, 9:15 am: Nelson's office hours for Tuesday Jan 16 are cancelled.  If you need assistance please see the TA.


Wed Jan 10, 4:11 pm: Project #2 posted.


Fri Jan 5, 1:59 am: Regarding the project:

        Declare the software global variable at the top of both files (so it is easier to find)

        Make sure that FedEXC is selected by default


Fri Jan 5, 1:59 am: Do not use superglobals with heredoc (<<<).  If you need the value of a superglobal in a heredoc, assign the superglobal value to a variable and then use the variable in the heredoc.


Fri Jan 5, 8:29 am: Regarding Nelson's Office Hours for Monday Jan 8.  I will not be able to hold office hours during my regular time slot (12:15-1:15) but I will address any questions you might have in class and after the class period.  If you need assistance you can also see the TA (TA office hours can be found in the contact section of the class web page).


Tue Jan 04, 5:59 pm: Project #1 posted.


Tue Jan 02, 8:30 am: Jan 3 lecture material updated.


Tue Jan 02, 8:30 am: Welcome to cmsc298s