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CMSC298D Introduction to PHP, MySQL and Apache
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This class provides an introduction to the development of Web-based applications using PHP, MySQL, and Apache. The course will focus on the PHP programming language. Previous programming experience (e.g., cmsc131 or equivalent) is a requirement for this class.

Course Coordinator

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Nelson Padua-Perez   AVW 1129

News (Announcements)

  • Important announcements related to the course will be posted on this page. 
  • Thu Jan 22, 1:24pm: Remember to execute the correct grant command in order to access the database from a php script. See slide #5 of Lect10MySQLMisc.pdf for additional information.
  • Tue Jan 20, 2:31pm: Today's lecture slides have been updated.
  • Tue Jan 20, 1:27pm: Regarding Project #2: Make sure you trim the names you read from the file. The project is due today but if you need to work on it feel free to submit it tomorrow morning. However, I would recommend for you to finish it today as we will not extend the deadline for Project #3.
  • Mon Jan 19, 8:54am: Lect10MySQLMisc.pdf (Slide 5) updated.
  • Fri Jan 16, 6:03pm: Project#3 posted.
  • Thu Jan 15, 6:34pm: We have extended the deadline for Proj#2 (Feel free to submit it by Tuesday). Keep in mind that Proj #3 will be posted tomorrow as scheduled; Proj#3 is due on Thursday. Demos (for both Proj#2 and Proj#3) will take place in class on Friday Jan 23.
  • Wed Jan 14, 8:57pm: Lect7 slides (slide #4) has been updated with information on how to start mysql monitor in a MAC.

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