C++ Programming - Winter 2012


01/24/12   The average grade on the final exam was 72. All grading has been completed. Letter grades are visible on the grades server and have been submitted to the University. Grades are final. I enjoyed teaching this class, and I wish you all an enjoyable and successful Spring semester!

01/22/12   Regarding Project #2: One more hint: Be careful not to call delete more than once on the same Node pointer! If you do you're likely to fail all of the release tests. It would be better to not delete anything (resulting in memory leaks) than to crash your program with memory errors and fail ALL the tests.

01/21/12   Regarding Project #2: Since some people are struggling with the constructor for the CompleteStateGraph, click here for a hint that might help! I am also going to accept late submissions (up to Monday night at 11:00) with no penalty. Any submissions after that will not be accepted at all.

01/20/12   If you missed points on HW #4 for "style", please go to the submit server and click the link for "code review" for your most recent submission. You'll find comments by me embedded in your code.

01/20/12   Regarding project #2: Some hints about the release tests are posted here.

01/20/12   My solution to the "TowTruck" exercise is here.

01/17/12   The LAST homework (HW#5) has been posted. It is due at the beginning of class on Thursday.

01/16/12   Regarding Project #2: There was a flaw in the suggested implementation of operator<, which has been corrected. Please be aware that if you choose to use a "lexicographical ordering", you must include information about "who's turn is next" in your string representing the board's state.

01/13/12   Please remember that there is no class on Monday 1/16 due to the holiday!

01/12/12   Project #2 has been posted. This project is more difficult than the first one and is worth a lot more points, so please get started right away.

01/10/12   Homework #4 has been posted. It is a short coding exercise due on Sunday night.

01/10/12   Regarding Project #1: The test called "testTextGenerationFunction" runs properly on grace, but will NOT work properly in Visual C++. The problem is that rand() is implemented differently in the two environments.

01/09/12   Regarding Project #1: While constructing the data structure... Suppose a chain occurs more than once with the SAME ENDING. You should go ahead and add as many copies of that ending as you find. For example, if the sample text is: "X Y A X Y A" and you are doing chains of length 2, then "A" should occur TWICE in the endings list for the chain "X Y".

01/09/12   Regarding Project #1: When generating the random text, if a particular chain has ONLY ONE possible ending, please be sure to still call rand. It should look like "rand() % 1" in this case. Not calling rand in this case is efficient, but your results will not match the expected results so you will lose points.

01/06/12   Project #1 has been posted!

01/06/12   HW #3 has been posted!

01/04/12   Homework #2 has been posted!

01/03/12   Homework #1 has been posted!

01/02/12   The first day of class is tomorrow (Tuesday). Be in room CSI 3117 at 11:00 or you'll miss it.

01/02/12   Welcome to CMSC 389C. Be sure to check this page frequently for important class announcments.

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