PhD Alumni

Last First Yearsort descending Dissertation Advisor
Sawant Anshul 2016 Computational Analysis of Intelligent Agents: Social and Strategic Settings V.S. Subrahmanian
Ozdemir Bahadir 2016 Learning Binary Code Representations for Effective and Efficient Image Retrieval Larry Davis
Long Teng 2016 Collaborative Testing of Shared Software Components Alan Sussman
Yang Fan 2016 Leveraging Multiple Features for Image Retrieval and Matching Larry Davis
Rastogi Aseem 2016 Language-Based Techniques for Practical and Trustworthy Secure Multi- Party Computations Michael Hicks
Milton Leslie 2016 User Behavioral Modeling of Web-based Systems for Continuous User Authentication Atif Memon
Bondugula Sravanthi 2016 Efficient Image and Video Representations for Retrieval Larry Davis
Mondal Jayanta 2016 Real-Time Querying and Analytics on Large Dynamic Graphs Amol Deshpande
He He 2016 Sequential Decisions and Predictions in Natural Language Processing Hal Daumé III
Lee Tak Yeon 2017 Toward Symbiotic Human-AI Interaction Focusing On Programming By Example
Micinski Kristopher 2017 Interaction-Based Privacy Policies for Mobile Apps
Myers Austin 2017 From Form to Function: Detecting the Affordance of Tool Parts using Geometric Features and Material Cues
Sharmin Mahfuza 2017 Model Based approaches to characterize heterogeneity in gene regulation across cells and disease types
Trinh Khoa 2017 Approximation Algorithms for Facility Location and Clustering Problems
Thiruvengadam Aishwarya 2017 Improving Round Complexity of Ideal-Cipher Constructions
Esfandiari Hossein 2017 Allocations in Large Markets
Iyyer Mohit 2017 Beyond Sentential Language Understanding with Deep Learning
Bagdouri Mossaab 2017 Cross-Platform Question Answering in Social Networking Services
Darais David 2017 Mechanizing Abstract Interpretation
Dehghani Sina 2017 Online Network Design under Uncertainty
Ecins Aleksandrs 2017 Seeing Behind the Scene: Using Symmetry to Reason About Objects in Cluttered Environments
Fakhraei Seyed Shobeir 2017 Collective Multi-relational Network Mining
Claudino Leonardo 2017 Action Compositionality with Focus on Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Kanazawa (Kim) Angjoo 2017 Single-View 3D Reconstruction of Animals
Kumar Srijan 2017 Characterization and Detection of Malicious Behavior on the Web
Li Ang 2017 Towards Robust Spatial Perception from Visual and Linguistic Information