Hypertext 2002
Advance Program : Full Papers

An Infrastructure for Open Latent Semantic Linking
Alessandra Alaniz Macedo, Maria da Graša Campos Pimentel and JosÚ Ant˘nio Camacho Guerreiro

Authoring Fluid Narrative Hypertexts Using Treetable Visualizations
Polle T. Zellweger, Anne Mangen, Paula Newman

Context Perception in Video-based Hypermedia Spaces
Teresa Chambel and Nuno GuimarŃes

Contextualized Preview of Image Map Links
Wallace Chigona and Thomas Strothotte

Graphical Notations, Narratives and Persuasion: a Pliant Systems Approach to Hypertext Tool Design
Luke Emmet & George Cleland

HyperContext: A Framework for Adaptive Hypertext
Christopher Staff

Links in the Palm of your Hand: Tangible Hypermedia using Augmented Reality
Patrick A. S. Sinclair, Kirk Martinez, David E. Millard, Mark J. Weal

Map-Based Horizontal Navigation in Educational Hypertext
Peter Brusilovsky and Riccardo Rizzo

On Hyperstructure and Musical Structure
David C. De Roure, Don G. Cruickshank, Danius T. Michaelides, Kevin R. Page and Mark J. Weal

Predicting Web Actions from HTML Content
Brian D. Davison

Semantics Happen: Knowledge Building in Spatial Hypertext
Frank Shipman, J. Michael Moore, Preetam Maloor, Haowei Hsieh, Raghu Akkapeddi

Spatial Hypertext for Linear-Information Authoring: Interaction Design and System Development Based on the ART Design Principle
Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Kumiyo Nakakoji, Atsushi Aoki

Storyspace I
Mark Bernstein

Towards Geo-Spatial Hypermedia: Concepts and Prototype Implementation
Kaj Gr°nbŠk, Peter Posselt Vestergaard, Peter ěrbŠk

Uniform Comparison of Data Models Using Containment Modeling
E. James Whitehead, Jr.

Web Accessibility