What can we learn from the research of quantum computing?

Xiaodi Wu
Universit of Maryland
Talk Series: 
10.20.2017 11:00 to 12:00
CSI 2117

Recent years have witnessed a rapid development of quantum information technologies. In this talk, I will describe my view on how the development of quantum information and computation could impact traditional computer science, our daily life, and even our understanding of the universe. In particular, I will try to address the question, whether the world is deterministic or random, by resorting to a quantum protocol that generates an infinite amount of near perfect randomness under minimal assumptions. This works in the device-independent cryptographic scenario where the security can be established without any trust of the devices, an impossible task in the classical world. I will also talk about how quantum computing could revolutionize our understanding of programming languages and how we can develop tools for building quantum software. No quantum background is assumed for the talk.