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Receiving a FAX

To have faxes sent to the online system, have them sent to (301) 403-4524.

Any received faxes will be placed, world readable, in the directory /fs/fax. Incoming FAXes are in TIFF format. You can convert them to postscript format using fax2ps:

	fax2ps /fs/fax/fax00003.tif >

You can also view them interactively using xv.

Remember that files must be converted to postscript format for printing on department printers.

No notification is sent out when FAXes arrive, so you must be expecting the fax. Files in /fs/fax will be automatically removed when they are over one week old.

Remember, there is no provision for restricting who can read incoming faxes. If you plan to receive private or sensitive documents via FAX, you are strongly encouraged to use a private FAX machine or the FAX machine in the mail room.

Also note that the return FAX number on the default cover sheets of outgoing FAXes is not the online FAX number, but the building mail room FAX number.

John Stange 2011-08-02