Outlook 2003 with CS Exchange Sever

Setting Up an Outlook 2003 Profile

You must be connected to the VPN or connected to the local CS network to use Outlook with the CS Exchange server.
If you are running Windows XP Pro then there is a way to connect without the VPN (see the last section of this FAQ).  You must setup your profile with the VPN (or on the local cs network) regardless.

1. Right-click on your desktop Outlook icon and select Properties or go to the mail control panel. Running Outlook for the first time should also get you to the add a new email account in step 5.
2. In the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog, click the Show Profiles button. The Mail dialog will appear.

 3. Click Add to add a new profile.

4. At Profile Name, enter your username and click OK. The E-mail Accounts dialog opens.

5. Click Add a new e-mail account and then click Next

6. Choose Microsoft Exchange Server for server type and hit next.

The E-mail Accounts Exchange Server Settings dialog opens.

7. For the  Microsoft Exchange Server, enter delegate.pc.cs.umd.edu.
8. Do NOT check Use Cached Exchange Mode.
9. At User Name, enter your userid.
10. Click Check Name. If presented with a username and password box, use umd-csd-nt\username and your windows password.

11. Hit next and then finish to finish setting up your account.
12. Hit okay to close the mail control panel.

13. With the VPN running start Outlook.  If presented with a username and password box, use umd-csd-nt\username and your windows password.

Outlook should open your mailbox and you should be able to send and receive email. If not, please send mail to staff@cs.umd.edu with any errors.

Using Outlook 2003 without the VPN on Windows XP Pro.

If  you are running Outlook 2003 on Windows XP Pro then you can setup Outlook to connect to the exchange server using rpc over https. Here is how.

1. If you have WindowsXP Service Pack 2, skip to step 2. Otherwise, download the Windows XP patch to enable rpc over https.  You can download it here.
2. Find where you downloaded it to and double click on Q331320_WXP_SP2_x86_ENU.exe to install it. Reboot if asked to.
3. Open the mail control panel from the control panel.
4. Choose E-mail accounts.
5. Choose View or Change Existing e-mail accounts .Hit Next.
6. Highlight the Exchange Server Entry and choose Change.
7. Click on the more settings button.
8. Choose the connetion tab.
9. Check the Connect to my Exchange mailbox using http box.
10. Click on the Exchange Proxy Settings... button.
11 For the URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange enter:
12. Choose the Mutually authenticate the session box and enter:
msstd:exchange.cs.umd.edu for the proxy server.
13. Choose both of the network buttons, both fast and slow.
14. Set the proxy authentication to Basic.

Close out of the mail control settings and launch Outlook without the VPN on. It should open without a problem. On slower connections it might ask you to try the connection again.