Workshop on Creativity Support Tools
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Report of Workshop on Creativity Support Tools
Latest Version as of:  September 23, 2005
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Entire Report (5 MB)  pdf (alternate link)

Slides from NSF Talk (1.5 MB) pdf

Published Summary (IJHCI) (86 KB) pdf


Individual Reports:

Introduction pdf  html
Ben Shneiderman, Gerhard Fischer, Mary Czerwinski, Mitch Resnick, and Brad Myers

Creativity Support Tool Evaluation Methods and Metrics pdf  html
Tom Hewett, Mary Czerwinski, Michael Terry, Jay Nunamaker, Linda Candy,
Bill Kules, and Elisabeth Sylvan

Design Principles for Tools to Support Creative Thinking pdf  html
Mitch Resnick, Brad Myers, Kumiyo Nakakoji, Ben Shneiderman, Randy Pausch,
Ted Selker and Mike Eisenberg

Creativity Support Tools for and by the New Media Arts Community (7 MB) pdf  html
Pamela Jennings and Elisa Giaccardi

Supporting Creativity with Search Tools (5 MB) pdf  html
Bill Kules

Funded Research Relevant to the Creativity Support Tools pdf  html
Ernest Edmonds

Seven Issues for Creativity Support Tool Researchers pdf  html
Kumiyo Nakakoji

Creativity and Distributed Intelligence pdf  html
Gerhard Fischer

Challenges for Future Research Activities and Projects focused on pdf  html
“Software Tools and Socio-Technical Environments to Enhance Creativity”
Gerhard Fischer



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