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Benchmark Datasets, Tasks and Results

Available benchmarks:
Sept 2009:The Visual Analytics Benchmark Repository is now available and replaces this repository.

1. Pair Wise Comparison of Trees (InfoVis 2003 contest)
Hierarchical data

2. The History of InfoVis (InfoVis 2004 contest)
Graph data

3. Technological trends in the United States (InfoVis 2005 contest)
Time/space, multidimensional

4. Microdata sample from 2002 US Census ( InfoVis 2006 contest)
Time/space, multidimensional

5. A tale of Alterwood (VAST 2006 contest)
Mostly text data - includes ground truth - A detective story for visual analytics


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The Repository was created by Jean-Daniel Fekete, Catherine Plaisant, Shabnam Tafreshi.

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