KDD Instructions for the VAST 2008 Challenge

(In connection with the VAKD '09 workshop)




Using VAST Challenge 2008 scenarios and data for the 2009 KDD VAKD Workshop


We encourage all authors who are planning to submit papers to the VAKD workshop to illustrate their research by using the 2008 VAST challenge scenarios and data. The VAST challenge problems datasets are not large-scale, nor do they require intensive number crunching to solve (they are created that way on purpose). They do require analysis and critical thinking to understand the scenario and derive an understandable solution to the challenge. We do this to focus on the blending of Visual Analytics technology and analytic problem solving that is done by professional analysts. You can select one mini-challenge or multiples.

Please review the 2008 VAST Challenge task descriptions

The two page sumarries and full solutions provided by all the VAST contestants are available for you to look at at http://vac.nist.gov/.

You may use the VAST answer forms to help guide you in what you may provide in your VAKD workshop paper to illustrate your tools and techniques. You also may compare and contrast your methods and approaches with those taken by the VAST contestants. We will be discussing synergies between the two research communities at the VAKD workshop.


Please email us at [challengecommittee @ cs.umd.edu] with questions. Please put [VAKD CHALLENGE] in the Subject line.




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