IEEE VAST 2008 Challenge

How to submit your entry


Last updated June 11, 2008 (and 2 very minor corrections marked in yellow July 10)


After you have done your analysis and filled the answer form(s) you should:

For EACH challenge you want to participate in:

-          Choose an informative nickname for your entry. 
Use a composite of your team’s organization, the name of your tool, and the challenge you are entering e.g. UMD-SocialVis-Phone  (please use the same challenge keyword we used for numbering the questions: Wiki, Boat, Phone, Traces, Grand)

-          Create a directory in your own website with that name, and save all the materials for that challenge, keeping the answer form file named “index.htm” as we already named it.  The index file should link to all your materials (remember to use relative links so they will still work when the materials are moved elsewhere)

-          Zip the entire directory and save it in a file using the same nickname . e.g.

-          By JULY 11, 2008 (midnight EST) send to us at “  (replacing the “-AT-“ by @ of course)
and email containing 2 URLs

o        The URL of the answer form (i.e. the index file) on your website

o        The URL of the zip file

-          NEW: PLEASE include “ [CHALLENGE] ” in the subject of your email when you submit your materials. THANK YOU! (if you already submitted and didn’t do that… it’s ok, don’t worry, we’ll be watching carefully)

-          The person who submitted the entry should remain accessible by email for a week (in case we have problems with your submission)

AFTER you submit:

-     We will do a quick check of your materials on your site and review them quickly for suitability (i.e. we will check that you have answered the questions as requested, that the figures are readable, that the video is working - if you submitted one, etc.)

-          By the end of the day Tuesday July 15 we will acknowledge that the materials are ok (and that we have downloaded the zip file) 
we will ask you to make corrections and give you a couple of days to resubmit (NOTE that we have a tight and complex judging process)

-          All the entries will be judged by a panel of expect, and you will hear if you were awarded a “certificate of excellence” during the 1st week of August

-          IF you are awarded a certificate of excellence, we will ask you for a revised camera ready of your two-page summary to be submitted by August 15, which will be published in the VAST Symposium Proceedings 

-          All submitted materials will be published online in a repository at NIST (the National Institute of Standard and Technology), whether or not they are awarded a Certificates of Excellence.


Questions?  Send email  to (replacing the “-AT-“ by @ of course)

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